Time is the soil into which we plant the seeds of creation.  Planting creative seeds into the fabric of time might be called “conscious creation”. Time is the tapestry that our thoughts, intentions, and actions use for their conversion into reality.

Time, as applied to conscious creation, is essentially the gap between who we are now and who we choose to be in the future. If we “want” something to happen in our future, it will require time. We can “bend” time by putting more energy toward visualizing and embodying the future reality we wish to create.

When our thoughts, dreams and intentions are jumbled, uncertain, or vary in strength and intensity, they can get lost in time and thus never manifest, or only manifest as a fragment of our original intention.

Adept masters can, presumably, shrink the time/distance matrix down to a single moment known as “instantaneous creation”.  Instantaneous creation, while rare, is possible, but not necessarily desirable, because we came here to experience the time between our thoughts/intentions and our living reality. The process of experiencing our creations come to life over a period of time is why we chose to experience our life on Earth.

How much fun would Christmas be if it happened every day?  What makes Christmas and the rest of life interesting is the waiting, or “wading” through time.  If we can find peace in waiting, we have learned a great lesson.  If we don’t think our dreams are coming true, we only have to wait.

Here are some tips for improving our conscious creative abilities:

Stay Focused – We cannot hope to accomplish every possible dream we have ever had, there isn’t enough time.  So we have to choose exactly what it is we are choosing to create and focus on that.  Don’t spread your energy too thin, stay focused on one or two improvements you want to make in life, and let the rest happen naturally.

Stay Detached – No matter what we are trying to create, the secret to happiness is appreciating each moment.  If our happiness is dependent on something happening in the future, we won’t be happy now, and if we are not happy now, we reduce the chance that we will be happy in the future.

Be Patient – Instant creation can happen, but we have to accept that in many cases it will take time – months or years – for the complete fulfillment of our dreams.  

Help Others Get What You Want – If you want abundance, help others gain abundance.  If you want love, give love.  Whatever you want, start by giving to others, if only in a small way, and it will come back to you 10 fold.