Lately I have become aware of the ability to ‘animate’ my reality.  Others might call this ‘being awake in the dream’ that we call life.  Now I’ll explain precisely how I think this works in an effort to help you start consciously creating your own life circumstances.

Imagine for a moment that your life is like a movie, and YOU are the main character. Your brain serves as the “projector”, and the “screen” is everything you see and experience through your five senses.

Now imagine that you – a higher aspect of you – are also the writer and the director of the movie that is your life.  So while you are playing your role as the main character in your life, a higher part of you is also casting all of the other characters, writing the script, and twisting the plot.  We could call this higher part of you your Director Self.

Most of us are not aware of our Director Self, we are only aware of our role as the main character.  Being disconnected from your Director Self makes life interesting for awhile, but wouldn’t it be even more fun if we could sit in the Director’s chair and start calling the scenes more precisely as we choose?

Which Parts Of Your Life Movie Can You Direct?

While it may seem reasonable to assume that you control your own character, it may be a stretch to believe that you also direct all of the other characters in your life.  However,  from a higher dimensional perspective, you and the other characters in your life are all one and the same team. You are directing all of it, including the other characters, the props, the background plot, and everything else you perceive in your reality.

How can this be?

Because the higher version of you, your Director Self, is beyond space and time.  In the same way that the director of a movie can “take five” without ruining the continuity of the final production, so it is with your life.  Your Director Self can insert new characters, manipulate events, or otherwise guide the outcomes to how he or she wishes. So if you can get in touch with your “Director Self”, you can learn to “Animate Your Reality”.

How Your Reality Takes Form

In a normal movie setting, those characters who are not currently involved in a scene are probably hanging around the movie set, waiting for the next scene in which to appear.  When applied to our own consciously created reality, until we ‘animate’ the people and experiences we choose to appear, they don’t actually exist in our reality.  They exist as possibilities for the next scene, but they don’t take form until we direct or “will them” to take form.

Whether we realize it or not, we are consciously creating our reality and all of the other people in it.  If we have programmed a lot of routine into our lives, it can seem like those characters (the other people we see throughout our day) are real and operating of their own free will.  But what if the other people in our lives and their actions are actually just representations of our own conscious creation?  If we are indeed the directors of the movie of our life, this is quite exactly how it works.

Triggering Animation With Your Energy

In my own life, I have begun to experience this animation effect with more obvious and explicit direction.  When I start to put my thinking or consciousness – my energy – on a particular person, they start to become ‘animated’ and are more likely to play a future role in my life.

For example, after thinking about a particular person, they might call me on the phone, and that leads to us meeting, which may lead to a whole future series of interactions with that person.  The interesting thing is that the people who I do not choose to ‘animate’ seem to remain mostly dormant.  I don’t hear from them, or see them, or interact with them until I decide to ‘animate’ them once more.

Obviously it becomes extremely important to choose who we animate and which circumstances we animate in order to experience preferential outcomes in our daily lives.

It can also take time for the animation to fully manifest into a real life outcome.  Just like in a movie, one scene leads to another, and later scenes depend on what happened in earlier scenes.

Practical Techniques For Conscious Creation

Animation, or “conscious creation” as we might call it, begins with a simple thought, and is then combined with intention, which serves to breathe life into a person, circumstance, or event.

The combination of thought, intention, and emotion may also be called “applied imagination” or “use of our will”.  We must first imagine the future scene we want to take place in order to “feel” the outcome. Next we apply our will, which is an emotional process involving some measure of faith.  Finally, we must behave or act in a way that supports the scene we are attempting to create.  The probability that our actions will lead to a particular outcome depends largely on our will, which represents our ability to call forth the kinds of people and circumstances we want in our lives.

Certain thoughts and emotions can thwart our ability to animate our reality and those are Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD).  When we have thoughts of FUD it is akin to your Director Self yelling “cut”.  The scene can’t be played out to the will of your Director Self if the character is temporarily hesitating or unwilling to take the steps that lead to the next scene.

Animating The Microcosm And The Macrocosm

Our ability to animate our reality does not begin and end with the people and circumstances we personally experience in our daily lives, it extends to the entire human and planetary consciousness.  From global finance, politics, environmental degradation (or restitution) – our day to day thoughts, actions, and intentions are influencing the characteristics and outcomes of even the biggest worldwide events.  Our “Director Self” is coordinating all of it to provide a macro context for the microcosm of our personal lives.

Outcomes that we think we have no control over – like the prospect of a global military conflict or financial disruption – we actually do control and influence through the aspects of our higher self that is directing the movie of our life.  Larger global events are like background plots that may require us to pay attention, be distracted, live in fear, or become inspired.  These background events can become positive or negative influences on our lives, and are often there to challenge us, or move us toward fulfilling the life story we intended to fulfill when we came to this third dimensional reality we call life on Earth.

Conscious Creation and Destiny

Our destiny – the ideal future plan we laid out for this life from our multi-dimensional higher self perspective – is not necessarily a fixed, pre-planned experience, but rather a series of probable events, that may or may not come to fruition based on the actual choices we make during our life.  However, since we are also the “director” of our lives, we will find uncanny circumstances that seem to draw forth the plots and dramas we choose to experience. So our lives are more like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book, in which there are many possible outcomes based on the choices we make, rather than a single novel with an predetermined script.

What is rather cool, however, is that through our connection to our higher self, we can actually add or subtract probable outcomes from our future!  So our lives are like a Choose Your Own Adventure book in which the future possible outcomes can be re-written on the fly. We can quite literally insert or remove future probable outcomes simply by changing our focus combined with our choices.

If we desire a specific outcome, we first have to “write that page” in our future script by imagining how it would look and feel if that outcome were to actually happen.  This is equivalent to planting a seed in the framework of our future.  Now, for us to achieve our desired outcome, we have to make the particular choices that we believe will lead to that outcome and begin to animate the other characters who we would foresee playing a role in that future outcome.  

Breaking The Routine To Create Change

Miracles are not impossible, far from it.  Miracles happen every day.  A flower blooms, your neighbor wins the lottery, a child survives a tragic accident. If we want a radically different outcome than the one we have now, we have to make radically different choices and disrupt the routine dramas we are involved in.  We cannot expect a miraculous event to occur in our lives if we continue to live within the limited expectations of our routine.  Stated otherwise, we cannot expect a miraculous event to occur in our lives if we do not expect a miraculous event to occur in our lives.

While there are no “right or wrong” choices in terms of morality or any other measuring stick, there are choices that are more likely to lead to specific outcomes in our lives (including this life, and possibly also including future lives).  So if you are making choices that are not in line with the outcome you wish to experience, those could be considered ‘wrong’ choices.  If you doubt that you CAN experience certain outcomes, it is very unlikely that those outcomes will transpire no matter which choices you make.

If we are trapped in a scene or drama which we do not enjoy – for example – living in a troubled relationship, or working at a job we don’t like, we need to ‘wake up’ and realize that we are playing out a script based on our own personal (past) choices.  If we want a different outcome it is we who would have to make different choices – by ending the bad relationship or quitting our job – in order to begin to write a new chapter or scene into our lives.

Unmasking Your Antagonists

One final note – it is also possible to change the very nature and character of the other people in our lives.  This can be achieved by applying directly focused thoughts of love on the person or group we wish to reshape.  It is not easy to change the characteristics of a ‘character’ in our lives, but it is possible, simply by changing our own perspective on that person.

For example, imagine the character in your life who who plays the role of the ‘evil’ antagonist.  At the end of the movie, the evil antagonist takes off their mask – they are not really an evil antagonist but merely playing the role you wanted them to play.  You needed the evil antagonist to be there to challenge or distract you from achieving your highest potential.

Our lives would not be so interesting if these antagonist characters were not present. Batman would not be Batman without Joker.  Once we recognize that the ‘joker’ is just another aspect of ourselves in disguise, we can begin to transmute their persona into a positive influence by recognizing their role in making us truly work for the outcomes we wish to experience.