How To Hack The Matrix In 5 Steps


Can You Hear The Matrix?

Discount. Sale. Low Prices. Sugar Free. 0% Down. Call Now. McDonald’s or Wendy’s. Coke or Pepsi. Consume This.  Buy That. Fear This.  Be Worried.

That’s the Matrix.

The Matrix is a low vibration social program. The matrix generates fear, peppers us with lies, siphons our money, and divorces us from our soul.

Unless we take proactive steps to block it, The Matrix keeps coming…

Buy more. Keep up. Go here. Do that.

The Matrix never stops, because the corporations that run it are always hungry. They are hungry for profit. Hungry for souls.

The Matrix wants to control you.  It does not want you to know that it depends on you for its survival.  It does not want you to know you can hack it in an instant.  The Matrix is built on lies and deceit.

Now change your imagination for a second…

Imagine you are walking the dog, playing with the kids, sitting under a tree, planting a seed, swimming in a lake, fishing in a river, watching a bird fly, laughing, breathing, tasting, singing, loving.

That’s Nature!

Nature gives us food, warms our skin, and feeds our soul.

Nature never stops giving, because the energy it generates is endless. It asks for nothing, and gives us everything. Nature does not request or require our servitude, it simply offers itself, unabashedly.

Nature is the antidote to The Matrix.  Unfortunately, most of us serve The Matrix instead of embracing our natural selves.

We ignore the sunset to catch the news.

We ignore our souls to pay the bills.

We take on debt to buy new things, hoping that one day, maybe when we retire, we will truly ‘enjoy life’.

Something has to change, and it starts with you. It starts right now.

How To Hack The Matrix In Five Steps

1. Turn Off The Media.

One of the first steps toward hacking The Matrix is to disable or disconnect its tentacles.

The media carries messages and then plants those messages into our minds. Our well being, our physical health, and even our sovereignty and self-control is completely and totally a result of the information we feed ourselves.

If we feed ourselves messages of fear and violence as portrayed on the news, our DNA reacts to that information and instructs us to take cover to protect ourselves. When we are in a state of dis-empowerment, we are less likely to “defect” from The Matrix.  The Matrix offers us a false sense of security.

When we disconnect from the media and fill our minds with messages of empowerment, or simply clear our minds, our DNA reacts to that information and creates the world we truly want to see, right before our eyes.

2. Learn To Receive Information From Your Higher Self

Instead of relying on the media to tell you what you should think and believe, try asking your Self. You can connect to your infinite wisdom if you simply try.

Your higher self is constantly trying to guide you and give you support and energy, but few of us bother to listen. The first thing to do to access your own infinite wisdom is to quiet your mind. Just like you can’t hear a beautiful song if you have distortion and noise playing in the background, true knowledge cannot be heard if your mind is constantly racing or distracted.

3. Spend Time Connecting With Nature

The matrix makes us think we have to stay busy. It makes us think that we should not “waste time” being unproductive. It wants us to continue to consume – to buy stuff, to work hard so we can afford to pay the interest on our debts, to acquire the latest gadget, to go go go. Then we all can’t wait for a vacation so we can just relax and unwind.

In my view, we have this all backward. We should spend most of our lives in a “vacation” mentality in which we are relaxed, spending time with nature, enjoying the company of the people we love, even meditating or sleeping when we feel like it.

If you look around at other animals in nature, they spend a lot of the day playing and sleeping and very little time hunting for food. If spending more of our time in peace and joy requires us to forgo being able to afford the latest car or gadget, so be it.

4. Clear Emotional Baggage And Forgive Others

The matrix thrives on conflict because conflict usually requires us to expend energy. When we are in conflict we are more likely to spend our energy serving the matrix.

Most of our emotional baggage is left over from past events which caused us to feel trauma. Emotional baggage can be cleared through love and forgiveness.

We have to understand that the trauma was there to teach us a lesson, we need to learn that lesson and then thank and forgive the messenger (the person we believed caused us harm) for bringing that message. Once we hold onto forgiveness instead of resentment, we can clear energy and feel lighter, happier, and more loving.

5. Avoid Toxic Food and Environmental Pollution

Just like Windows 10 cannot run on a computer built in 2005, The Matrix cannot run our lives if we raise our frequency.

The Matrix tries to keep us in a low vibration frequency by compelling us to eat low vibration food and drink. Fast food, GMOs, sugary drinks, alcohol, prescription meds, vaccines, toxins, and many other poisons prevent us from raising our frequency.

When we avoid foods that are mass produced, and choose healthier “living” local organic foods instead, we will feel much more energy and be naturally healthy and happier. Regular exercise, getting enough sleep, and occasional detoxification therapies are also much needed to keep our bodies free of toxins.

Hacking The Matrix Is Not A Struggle. There Is No Trying.

If anything, Hacking The Matrix requires us to stop doing a lot of things.

Stop watching television.

Stop eating mass produced low vibe food.

Stop criticizing others.

Stop believing that it matters what size the Jones’s new BBQ is, or what Sally posted about you on Facebook.

Just live. Just breathe.

Pay attention to the tiny miracles at work that bring you every moment.

What you’ll find is that somewhere along the way, you started living again.