Starseeds, wanderers, old souls and indigo people are terms that have been used to describe human beings who are “different” from most other people on Earth. Often these people have access to deeper wisdom and higher sensory perception due to the origin and age of their soul identity. If you are at all interested in this topic, you are very likely one of these people.

Just as the 7 chakras describe different frequencies of energy that make up who we are, and certain behaviors/emotions/activities stem from one or more of those chakras, so our soul identity can rise through the various frequencies (or densities) to access deeper wisdom as a human being living in the here and now.

But if some of us are different or “older” than others at the soul level, what does that imply about who we are, our origins as human beings, and our role in the current awakening process taking place on Earth? What are we here to do, and why?

While it is true we are all One Consciousness having an individual human experience, that individual human experience is what we are here to be, for now, so we may as well do the best we can.

Delving deeper into these topics is Scott Mandelker – a very well studied thinker, teacher and spiritual practitioner. The first two videos embedded below are two parts of an interview that will give you some overview of the concepts of paranormal experiences and human origins.

The third video is more specifically about the concept of Wanderers as described in the Ra Material, a very widely regarded text that explores related concepts of human origin, universal architecture, and Earth history.

Scott Mandelker’s YouTube channel can be found here.

Scott Mandelker, PhD: Interview with Ken Bok – Part 1

Scott Mandelker, PhD: Interview with Ken Bok – Part 2

Scott Mandelker, PhD: Wanderers and Earth Humans