5D stands for the fifth dimension and the concept has been making its way through spiritual and consciousness communities for decades. The basic idea is that 5D consciousness will usher in a higher frequency of behavior on Earth, leading humanity out of the dark age of fear and separation and into the age of love and unity. The 5th dimension is not a place, it is a state of being, and it is up to each of us to work our way toward that goal.

In the multi-dimensional view of human life, each dimension can be associated with a chakra.

The first chakra is associated with the first dimension. This dimension governs our most basic needs for security and is rooted in survival. When we are primarily concerned with survival and safety we are living in the first dimension.

The second chakra is associated with the second dimension. This dimension governs sexuality, pleasure, abundance and physical gratification. Once our first dimensional self feels secure and safe, we start seeking pleasure in the second dimension.

The third chakra is associated with the third dimension. This dimension governs our self worth, self esteem and self confidence. This dimension usually manifests in our work life as we work to achieve status and make our way up the social ladder.

The fourth chakra is associated with the fourth dimension. This dimension governs love and relationships. When our fourth chakra is fully open, we think and feel with the heart rather than with the mind.

The fifth chakra is associated with the fifth dimension. This dimension governs human expression, often through literature, art, sound, speech and music.

The sixth chakra is associated with the sixth dimension. This dimension governs knowledge and wisdom. Once we have learned to express through our hearts, we become ever wiser, seeing and understanding more clearly what is really important.

The seventh chakra is associated with universal connectivity and unity consciousness. This is the dimension where we recognize we are all one, indeed all is one, I am that and you are me.

So if our goal is to live in the fifth dimension, the majority of people on earth need to have their hearts fully open and activated. In the fifth dimension we are less concerned with the material and status symbols of the lower dimensions, and more interested in extending compassion and love to our fellow citizens and the environment as a whole. In the fifth dimension our primary challenge is to express our heartfelt disposition.  A fifth dimensional realty ought to see an explosion in creative arts, rooted in a compassionate social structure.

And while the hope is that humanity as a whole evolves into the fifth dimension, the journey through the dimensions is also an individual one. It is up to each one of us to be aware of which dimensions we are dwelling in and to raise our frequency – especially to open the heart – because that is the most difficult and prescient barrier to break through during this particular time in history.

One theory is that age plays a role in our individual evolution and we tend to become more aware of the higher dimensions the older we get. For example, the first dimension is most prominent during age 1-10, second dimension age 10-20, third dimension age 20-30 etc. culminating with the 7th dimension in our 70s, which is the average life expectancy of a human being. Of course we are always capable of emphasizing any aspect of ourselves at any time and we all evolve differently over different time frames.

On the macrocosmic scale, it is thought that the Earth herself is coming into the 5th dimension as her timeline is measured in 26,000 year cycles and she is bringing us with her whether we know it or not. The cycle we are entering now makes the veil between us and the higher dimensions thinner and thinner, which can explain why we are becoming more sensitive to environmental causes, human equality issues, and using technology to increase global connectivity and coordination.