Transmutation is an alchemical process whereby a substance is fundamentally altered.

Chemistry uses chemical compounds to fundamentally alter chemical substances, while energetic alchemy uses word, thought and deed to fundamentally alter energetic patterns and frequencies in time and space.

Energetic alchemy can be performed using thoughts, rituals, dance and song. Traditional religions and indigenous tribes have been using energetic alchemy for millennia.

Unfortunately, we in modern societies are taught that organic techniques are “unscientific” voodoo, mainly because the effects cannot be scientifically measured, and the techniques cannot be patented.

And yet there are plenty of examples of how energetic alchemy “works”, it’s just that we don’t think of it as alchemy.

One of the most powerful tools for practicing energetic alchemy as a human being is through the use of the voice.

The power of the voice is why prayer has been used throughout the ages, across any and all major religions.

The power of the voice is why politicians reach the highest levels of political power.

The power of the voice is why singers reach the highest levels of social popularity.

The power of the voice is why talk show hosts like Oprah Winfrey and Joe Rogan attract millions upon millions of viewers and fans. Quite simply, voice = power.

Your voice projects sound, which literally alters the holographic universe.

So now is the time to use our voice to transmute the negative the Covid energy. Whatever lessons it brought us have been learned, and now it is up to each of us to redefine the eventual positive outcome.

We have created an affirmation meditation that will work to deactivate the negative Covid timeline and instruct the holographic universe to return humanity to health and prosperity.

We can no longer allow the media matrix to develop the playbook for the future. With this affirmation, we shall set a course toward world peace, love, health, prosperity, and freedom.

Now please repeat the following out loud, or feel free to create your own mantra or prayer which more directly resonates with you:

I hereby speak as an I AM Presence, Sovereign Being on Planet Earth. I hereby detach my energy from the Coronavirus energy. I hereby detach my energy from the Covid-19 energy.

I hereby refuse to wear a mask, as wearing a mask is dehumanizing, inorganic and unnatural. I hereby refuse to take a vaccine, as taking a vaccine is dehumanizing, inorganic and unnatural. I do not consent to wearing a mask. I do not consent to taking a vaccine. I will not support or condone authorities who mandate masks nor vaccines for they are not natural.

I call forth the Divine Source Energy to produce within me and within all human beings, immunity antibodies that will naturally protect against the coronavirus and covid 19 energies. I know and accept that every human body naturally contains the immunity intelligence and adaptability to effectively and completely defend against the coronavirus and covid 19 energies.

I visualize the coronavirus and covid 19 energies disappearing from the media matrix, because those energies are no longer relevant. I visualize restaurants, shops and service providers returning to work without the need for mask or vaccine, for the coronavirus is no longer present.

I visualize health and harmony on earth from this day forward. I visualize the people of earth continuing to produce infinite abundance for all who choose service to other over service to self.

I say this as an I AM Presence, Sovereign Being on Planet Earth, and I hereby apply these instructions to all timelines and dimensions. So Be It. And So It Is.

Believe it or not, the uprisings taking place right now across the US and other nations are an expression of human freedom and a rejection of the restrictions being imposed by authoritative figures.

Regardless of what the “official” reason is for the protests, people are expressing their freedom to assemble, freedom of speech, and other freedoms inherent to us as human beings. The governing authorities must never believe that they can infringe on these freedoms.  

And while we certainly don’t condone looting nor violence, we shouldn’t overlook the immeasurable importance of expressing our freedom.   

We are witnessing energetic alchemy in its modern form, and it is beautiful.