The importance of the dose – or the “amount” of everything we do – is often overlooked.

Every chef knows that the magic of cooking has to do with the dose – a bit too much salt or not enough lemon can make the difference between the most delicious meal and an awful meal.

So it is with everything in life, from how much we eat and drink, to how often we exercise, how much sleep we get, and how much time we expend on other activities.

The art of the dose might also be called alchemy, which describes the very fine mixture of different elements that combine to create something radically new or exceptionally powerful. 

Of course, the correct dose is different for each of us – it is up to us to find the correct dose to make the magic happen in our lives.

Particularly when it comes to working with nature, we must be very conscious of the dose.  The effectiveness of medicinal plants, herbs and natural remedies depend greatly on the dose.  For example, I take high doses of echinacea when I feel a cold or illness coming on, but I don’t take any when I feel fine.  I would never drink a whole bottle of echinacea, yet one drop is not enough.

Today’s society would like us to “supersize” everything, from giant cups of coca cola that require both hands to hold, a burger with three patties of beef, and an extra large serving of fries.  This mentality is rooted in the illusion that if a little is good, more is better. This idea is flawed.  More is only better up to a certain point, after that, you are inflicting damage on yourself and spoiling the enjoyment of the experience.

The reason dose is so important goes back to how nature works.  Nature always tries to achieve balance.  When we achieve balance we will feel at peace, when we are out of balance, we will feel disrupted.

So start experimenting with dose as an art form.  Think of your lifestyle like you would a chef cooking up the perfect meal – a little bit of this, a little bit of that, lots of time and patience, and plenty of focus to make sure the dose is just right. 

Usually we have a tendency to “overdose” on things we enjoy in an effort to maintain the stimulation, instead of focusing on the moments of enjoyment.  We can enjoy those moments while learning to recognize the apex – that moment when enough is enough is the perfect amount.


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