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  • The Moment I Discovered Unity Consciousness
  • 3 Signs That You Are Experiencing Unity Consciousness
  • What To Do With Your New Discovery

The Moment I Discovered Unity Consciousness

There was no single moment when I suddenly discovered unity consciousness.  Until a couple of years ago, I didn’t even know what unity consciousness was. But now I believe it to be the realization that we are all one – literally.  Unity consciousness is more than a realization or a theory, it is an experience.

The experience of unity consciousness is very subtle at first. At least for me, the experience of unity consciousness is not some sort of “shock and awe”, “see the light” or “near death” experience.  For me, it began with subtle clues, clues that went unnoticed for the first 40 years or so of my life.  At this point, I don’t know if something in me changed, or something in the Universe changed, but at some point not too long ago, I started to “wake up” to the concept of “unity consciousness” or the “experience of Oneness” as it might also be called.

For me, experiencing unity consciousness has been a gradual (not sudden) affair.  The experience of unity consciousness feels more like a learning experience where you gradually start to understand something after studying it for many years. Another analogy would be like when the first early morning light starts to shine and you can barely see your hands infront of your face, until the light gradually shines brighter and you can see the whole world in all of its colors and glory.

To kick it off, some rather influential events took place in my life that sent me on a quest of self discovery, until I finally began to accept the fact that I am connected to everything, and everything is connected to me. Unity consciousness feels like the moment when you peek behind the curtain to see who is pulling the puppet strings of your reality and lo and behold, it’s YOU!

Throughout my awakening, more and more clues began to appear that something peculiar was going on.  Certain instances and circumstances started to happen that were so impossible, there is no way there was not some sort of “guiding hand” at work.  The only question is whether or not that hand is indeed “part” of me, or “separate” from me”.  The answer is both.

Human language is very difficult and confining to describe these types of concepts. We usually get all hung up on words like “me” and “mine”. Many people think that “mine” refers to some sort of physical possession that “I have” and “you don’t have”, but the whole idea behind unity consciousness is that what is mine is also yours, and is also everyone’s.  The whole concept of “me and mine” starts to blur during the experience of unity consciousness, and I feel like I still have a long way to go before I fully embrace the idea.

While some reading this may think this concept of oneness is complete hogwash, modern scientists would beg to differ.  There is plenty of scientific evidence that what appears to be physical is mostly empty space.  We also know that observation influences reality.  Science is telling us that it is impossible to be “disconnected” from our reality, rather, we are fully woven into it.  As Rumi said, you are not a drop in the ocean, you are the ocean in a drop.

Such a grand transformation in perception of your reality can be tricky to handle.  I imagine it is difficult for many people to believe that their Self does not end with the skin on their body, but rather extends into and encompasses the entirety of their reality.  It is OK if you disbelieve this particular concept, but think if everyone on the planet treated others as they would treat themselves.  The Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, expresses the truth of unity consciousness in a direct and concise manner.

3 Signs That YOU Are Experiencing Unity Consciousness

1.  You have a certain thought or idea, and then someone else repeats the exact same idea, the exact same thought, or the exact same words.

This type of “boomerang effect” in which your thoughts or ideas take form is one of the key aspects of unity consciousness. The taking of form after having the thought could happen within a few moments, or a few days or weeks later, depending on what kind of thought it is and how deep it is. Your thought or idea might appear in an article online, during a conversation with someone, or through some other means of communication. This is the result of your idea literally taking on its own life and reflecting your thoughts back to you from the greater conscious mind that IS you. In some cases, I will have a thought and a person I am talking to will repeat it out loud to me within a few moments.

2.  Other people seem to poke directly at your weaknesses, secrets, fears, or doubts.

That’s right, in my case anyway, unity consciousness has not been a completely pleasant experience.  The early stages of it often bring about The Dark Night Of The Soul, in which the people around you seem to insist on annoying you, asking you the questions you don’t want to answer, pointing out your fears, and just generally trying to drag you back into your past “pre-awakening” slumber.  The more you awaken, the more aggressive this “push back” can be.

This experience can be so incessant at times, that it is simply impossible for it to be a “coincidence” that a certain person knows just exactly what to say to annoy the “heck” out of you – and that is literally what they are trying to do!

This process must be a form of “house cleaning” because once you realize you are one with everything, the first thing you start to do is live in a most righteous manner, which means clearing out old fears, forgiving parts of yourself you are not proud of, and learning to master the new discovery that you are the creator of your universe.  These “agitators” as I call them are necessary to push you toward the next level of mastery.

3.  A peculiar feeling that the people around you are just mirrors of you and your Higher Self.

You might start to become aware that all of the people around you at a particular meeting or event, are there because YOU asked them to be there, maybe not directly with your vocal chords, but on a higher level with your mastermind.  Every time you put yourself into a group situation, that situation is the total result of all of your choices leading up to that moment.  Therefore, you DO consciously and divinely attract all of the experiences you have, including the people who play a role in those experiences.

What To Do With Your New Found Discovery

Discovering unity consciousness is very likely to put you on a path toward serving others and the environment.  While we live in a society that constantly encourages selfishness, competition, status, ego, beating the opponent (or neighbor), and other concepts based on separation, these types of behaviors start to appear more and more foolish.

And yet, as we start to embrace unity consciousness, we still have to eat, pay bills, and participate in an economy that is not designed around “Oneness” principles.  So it is by no means easy to move forward in the “real world”.  In my case, I spent over three years largely in a period of hiatus while I figured out what to do with my life.

When we embody unity consciousness principles within our Self, we will gradually awaken the whole of humanity.  The key is to trust that the Universe will provide for you and follow your intuition by finding ways to serve others and humanity the best way you can.

The way forward after the realization of unity consciousness is an exciting topic that I am only beginning to fully understand.

Unity Consciousness Videos

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Watch the whole thing, or skip to about 8:00 to hear him reference “Unity Consciousness”

Unity Consciousness Books and Resources

By far the best books I have read on the experience and perspective of Unity Consciousness are Oneness and Journey To Oneness by Rasha.