Abundance Meditation Collection

The Abundance Meditation Collection includes 7 of our finest guided meditations designed specifically for establishing an abundant mindset.  When you focus your intention on feeling abundant, the Universe responds by bringing you abundance. 5 of the 7 guided meditations in this collection can be played here on this page for free (listed below).

When you purchase this collection, you will receive links to Download all 5 Abundance Meditation files in MP3 format so you can play them whenever you want on any device, even without an Internet connection.

Plus – as a Bonus – you will receive two special meditations, Abundance Visualization Meditation (duration 10:50) and Think Like A Billionaire Affirmations) (duration 11:58) included with your purchase for a total of 7 MP3 audio files.


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Guided Meditation For Abundance and Prosperity
Embrace Success Guided Meditation
Open Yourself To Abundance and Wealth
I Am Grateful For My Abundance | Transformational Audio for Gratitude | Theta Waves