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Frequently Asked Questions

Elba Mutton Asked: “But I'm Just Too Busy... What If I Don't Have The Time?”

These guided meditations can be listened to just before you fall asleep, when you're on the train, or during any other time. If you're hard-pressed for time, just start out with a 2-3 minute guided meditation. Then increase your meditation time to a point where you're comfortable.

Terry Schoeben Asked: “What Makes These Guided Meditations Better / Different?”

We focus exclusively on creating the best guided meditations. Other services provide everything from relaxing music to binaural beats to affirmations. We focus on guided meditations and we do them extremely well. We have contacted the best coaches and instructors in the world to ensure a transforming experience.

Chantelle Loffredo Asked: “Is This Complicated? Will It Take Me A Long Time To See Results?”

There's nothing complicated about using The Secret Garden. Upon payment, you will be instantly taken inside The Secret Garden. You will also receive your password via e-mail. From there it's as simple as selecting a guided meditation and playing it. You will feel more relaxed from the first time you play one of our guided meditations - and the results will just get better over time.

Sabrina Stoett Asked: “But I Don't Like Using My Credit Card Online... Is This Safe?”

Absolutely. We have thousands of happy customers. The Secret Garden is proudly published by - one of the top personal development websites in the world. Your information is safe.

Bridgette Tisa Asked: “Is it Completely Safe to Listen to Guided Meditations?”

Guided meditations are perfectly safe for everyone. However, you should never listen to any of our guided meditations while driving a vehicle or operating heavy machinery.

Cristen Vipond Asked: “Can I Cancel My Subscription At Any Time?”

Absolutely. Canceling your subscription is just one click away from inside The Secret Garden.

Celesta Cella Asked: “So What Exactly Is The Secret Garden?”

The Secret Garden is a collection of the best guided meditations in the world. It's a part of our website where you'll find guided meditations that are not available anywhere else.

Mireya Dayal Asked: “Why Is This A Monthly Subscription? Why Not Just A One-time Payment?”

The reason why The Secret Garden is only offered as a subscription is because we continuously release new guided meditations. We gather feedback from our subscribers and keep making The Secret Garden better and better. We will notify you every week about our new additions. You also have unlimited access to all our guided meditations for as long as you're a subscriber. So in short, we offer The Secret Garden as a monthly subscription to ensure your satisfaction.