“THe Primal Connection - How Our Ancestors Meditated and How it Can Help You!”

Our ancestors used to meditate in a very peculiar way. Use The Primal Connection to form a strong connection with your inner self and with Mother Nature.

Hi, I’m Diana...

And I've spent most of my adult life traveling from country to country... studying history and researching how our ancestors meditated...

In fact, I found out how our ancestors meditated and I called the entire method 'The Primal Connection'...

And in this page, you will learn how The Primal Connection can transform your meditation practice effortlessly...

This is exactly what The Primal Connection consists of...

Now let’s have a look together at exactly what you get with The Primal Connection:

The manual itself contains everything you need to get started with The Primal Connection.

This breakthrough meditation method will connect you deeply with nature, your natural self, as well as help you use deep breathing and body “shaking” or tremoring to help release inner trauma or emotions that are stored in your body.

You’ll simply be blown away by how amazing this feels!

The Primal Connection will help transform your mind and body in a natural way, from the inside out, and will leave you feeling refreshed, mindful, peaceful and in more control of your life.

In page 41, you will learn exactly how the earliest humans meditated, and what you can learn from them...

In page 42, you will learn the deep breathing exercise that will revolutionize your meditation practice and your life...

In page 43, you will learn the “Preliminary Concentration Test,” which will help you stay focused during meditation...

And a lot more...

Next, you will receive the six Primal Connection Audio Tracks...

Each audio is valued at $17 dollars, as they are all one hour long and will help you relax at the press of a button...

They are:
Hot day in the jungle audio, tropical waves audio, babbling brook audio, torrential rain audio, relaxing rain audio, and the log cabin fire audio.

You Might Think That a Program That can do this Much for You Would Cost a Pretty Penny…

And in all honestly? It really should.

Jack initially suggested that the price of the program should be $199 dollars. He believes The Primal Connection offers so much value that $199 is a very low price...

I convinced Jack that we should price the entire program lower... much lower so that everyone can have access to it.

It took a lot of talk, but we eventually agreed that $77 dollars was a price that almost everyone could afford

Yet, I still wasn’t satisfied. I was determined to give you the most possible value at a price that you could be truly comfortable with . . . so we decided to lower the price even further to only $47 dollars... only on this page.

Plus, if you act right now, you will also receive my super bonus... The OmWalk guided meditation audio for helping you experience an incredibly relaxing walking meditation...

Simply listen to this guided meditation while going out for a walk and enjoy an unforgettable walking meditation experience.

Again, you don’t need this guided meditation to use The Primal Connection, but it’s an excellent way to experience something different that will empower and relax you, all while you do light exercise that will make you healthier.

And I’m sure you can see why this system – together with OmWalk – is valued at over $200 dollars...

This is what the full program looks like:

Don't Risk Anything - You Have 60 Days to Try the Program

Q. “I’m too busy… what if I don’t have the time?”

One of the most wonderful things about this program is that you don’t need a lot of time to start using it. You can just meditate for five minutes using The Primal Connection and you will start experiencing results quickly.

Q. “Will The Primal Connection work on my computer/laptop/ipad/smart phone?”

This program can be accessed through any device. You can read the manual and listen to the audios with any smartphone, tablet or computer.

Q. “How easy is it to get started?”

Once you place your order for The Primal Connection, you’ll be redirected to the members’ area instantly. It’s extremely easy to get started and you can begin minutes from now.

Q. “What makes this program different from other meditation programs?”

This program is the result of a lot of research in how humans meditated in the past for a simple reason: To help you reconnect with your ancestral roots. There are too many distractions nowadays. Too many advertisements, too many notifications, to many apps… The goal of The Primal Connection is to help you get away from everything for a couple of minutes every day and meditate in the same way as our ancestors did tens of thousands of years ago.

Q. “Is it safe to order from your website?”

Absolutely. We have sold thousands of copies of our programs and we’ve never had a problem we couldn’t handle fast. Not even once. All your information is completely secure, and you will be 100% satisfied with your purchase (or you receive all your money back). The Primal Connection was published by BalanceInMe.com, one of the leading personal development websites which has been in business since 2008.

Q. “What will I receive? Is anything sent to my house?”

Once you order the program, you will be granted access to the Members’ Area where you can get full access to the program from any device. You can also download the program to your computer if you wish. Nothing is sent to your house. This is a virtual product, which means that you’ll gain access to it immediately.

Q. “Will I Ever Be Re-Billed for This?”

Absolutely not. This is a one-time payment and you’ll never be billed again.

Six Reasons Why You'll Love This Program...

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Lifetime Access

Once you order, you will have full access to this program forever. You will also receive free access to all the updates we release for this program in the future.

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This is a digital program, which means that you can receive full access to the program within just a few minutes. Our platform is fast and extremely easy to use.

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