“Discover How to Bring Balance to Your Life by Strengthening Your Energy Ecosystem”

Leave your stress and anxiety behind. Bring order and balance to your life. Experience loving relationships. You just have to heal your energy ecosystem.

Hi, I’m Louise…

And if you want to experience all the benefits of a balanced energy ecosystem, then this is probably one of the most important letters you'll ever read...

In fact, as you stay with me here, you’re going to discover exactly how each of your 7 chakras affects your life - and what you can do to heal and balance your Weak or Blocked chakras.

Now: Imagine what it would be like to feel completely in balance...

Imagine finally having a balanced energy ecosystem, and knowing that everything is just... right.

Let's take a look at each of your seven chakras and how they affect your life...

Your Root Chakra

And it all begins with your root chakra. You’ll find this 1st energy center right at the base of your spine.

Your Root Chakra is the foundation of your whole chakra system. It influences your career, your ability to earn and keep money, your basic needs and your sense of belonging. You know your Root Chakra is Strong when you’re happy with your career, your basic needs are being met and you feel safe in the world. Money flows easily to you when your Root Chakra is strong.

Having money troubles? Career going nowhere ... struggling to get your basic needs met or even feeling safe? These are all signs of a weak or blocked Root Chakra. And when these conditions exist, you’ll quickly find fear, stress and anxiety creeping into your life.

Your Sacral Chakra

Located in your lower abdomen, your Sacral Chakra is your center of sexuality, pleasure, creativity and emotions. Your Sacral Chakra is Strong when you feel energized with passion and creativity. You may be immersed in a thrilling love relationship, or feel deeply satisfied emotionally and sexually. Creative ideas come easily to you and often seem like they materialize out of thin air!

When you Sacral Chakra is Weak or Closed you’ll find yourself having trouble controlling your emotions. You probably lack a passionate sex life, or you have difficulty connecting with others on an intimate level. You may feel creatively block, as if no bright ideas come to you anymore, and performing creative tasks such as writing or drawing seem difficult or impossible.

Your Solar Plexus Chakra

Next is your Solar Plexus Chakra. This is located above your navel, and is the energy center that powers your self-esteem and personal WILL. Your Solar Plexus Chakra is Strong when you have the ability to control and command your own destiny. You shape your reality and you have the ability to focus on a goal and stay the course until you bring it to manifestation! When your Solar Plexus Chakra is strong, people admire you for your confidence and self-esteem.

Your Solar Plexus Chakra is Weak or Closed when you don’t feel able to control or manage your life the way you want to. You may often have feelings of unworthiness or self-doubt. You feel like a victim of the world and frequently feel powerless to accomplish anything worthwhile. You may doubt yourself and your ability to succeed – often believing that others are better than you.

Your Heart Chakra

Now we come to your Heart Chakra. This is the central Chakra of your body and it has a powerful influence on your relationships. Located in the center of your chest, your Heart Chakra is Strong when you enjoy kind, respectful and loving relationships in your life. This includes relationships at work, at home and in your community. You are able to form new fulfilling friendships almost anywhere you go with a strong Heart Chakra, and you’re instantly liked by others, who often sense your warm, positive energy.

When your Heart Chakra is Weak or Closed, you probably isolate yourself from others. You become defensive with any kind of disagreement, and find that your life includes a lot of arguing and conflict. Because of this, other people may tend to avoid you. Eventually this turns into feelings of misery and loneliness. It becomes increasingly hard to find anyone to spend time with, and enjoying a fulfilling social life seems impossible.

Your Throat Chakra

Your Throat Chakra is responsible for the flow of your self-expression. You know your Throat Chakra is Strong when you are good at communicating your ideas and emotions with others. You may even be admired for your excellent communication skills.

Your Throat Chakra is Weak or Closed if you often feel like you can’t “get a word in edgewise” when talking with others. You tend to get ignored or have your opinion disregarded in work or group settings. You may have difficulty communicating your ideas effectively, or may feel like you don’t have anything positive to say or contribute to others.

Your Third Eye Chakra

Located in the center of your forehead, your Third Eye Chakra is the center that powers your intuition, consciousness, vision and sense of purpose. Your Third Eye Chakra is Strong when you often know things without knowing exactly how you know them, and you have an almost visionary Purpose for your life. You are fully aware of yourself and your surroundings, with a clear sense of direction in everything you do. You rarely get lost or become confused, and you often know exactly when to trust someone.

Your Third Eye Chakra might be Weak or Closed when you often feel lost in life, or get confused about choices, locations or directions. Not having a clear vision of your future is another sign of a blocked Third Eye Chakra, as is a lack of commitment to a meaningful goal or cause.

Your Crown Chakra

Your direct connection to source comes through your Crown Chakra. This chakra is located at the very top of your head, and you know it’s strong when you regularly feel connected to a higher power, which may be your Higher Self. As you go through your daily life, you are being reminded that you are being watched over, and you feel immense gratitude for the universal love and appreciation towards yourself and others.

Your Crown Chakra is weak or closed when you feel little or no connection to a higher power. You may feel a sense of isolation or abandonment that you can’t quite explain ... like there’s no reason or higher purpose for your existence. You might even catch yourself wondering if you’re actually meaningful to others or if they could just forget about you and move on.

This is a deeply painful experience indeed. One that no one should ever have to endure.

And Now, Let me Show you the Most Powerful Technique to Heal Your Chakras

And all of this brings me to the most crucial point I mentioned at the beginning of this letter: How to actually heal and harmonize your chakras.

As I promised a few minutes ago, this step-by-step technique has helped thousands of people just like you heal their chakras.

It took me years of research and collaboration with energy healers and life coaches to finally discover what really works.

And before I tell you exactly how this technique works, and how you can use it to balance your own chakras, it’s important that you know what some of the world’s leading scientists think about chakra healing…

Full Width Image

Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama, founder of the California Institute for Human Science, wrote that “…We may define the chakra as an energy centre which spins like a wheel and opens like a flower. Metaphysical concepts, however, do not belong purely to the world of spiritual experience; scientific enquiry has in many cases confirmed age-old beliefs.”

And a recent 2-day study at the University of Louisville in Kentucky using cutting-edge technology clearly demonstrated the huge difference in the energy ecosystem of a healthy individual and an unhealthy one – showing the location of the 7 chakras in the process. The lack of order and alignment in the out-of-balance individual is evident in the picture below.

Full Width Image

As I’m sure you realize by now, many of the fears, worries, illnesses and problems of all types that may be affecting you are truly not your fault.

You might have experienced fleeting moments of clarity, happiness, good health and peace before – moments where everything just seemed to fall into place - but you had no way to make those moments last forever… until now.

And by now, you’re probably asking yourself one important question…

It all makes sense… but how do I actually do it?

That’s a great question.

And here’s the really great answer:

Thanks to the incredible insights from several energy healing experts and life coaches, I was able to develop a powerful method for healing your chakras. It’s a method that works reliably and consistently, and here’s why...

You see, as I developed and then began improving this technique, others began to notice…

Friends – and even strangers – started coming to me, asking me to heal their energy centers for them.

In a very short span of time, I became a well-known energy coach. Since then, I’ve helped tens of thousands of women and men improve their lives through the power of chakra energy healing.

Right Now.

And Today... I’d like to download this knowledge directly into your head…

I want to teach you everything I know about your seven chakras, so that you too can enjoy all the benefits of a balanced energy ecosystem.


By introducing you to a simple, remarkably powerful program I call…

Chakra Harmonization for Health and Balance

Chakra Harmonization for Health and Balance is a complete, step by step blueprint designed to elicit immediate, real life results for you...

This powerful program combines my years of research with real life insights, giving you the exact steps to follow in order to harmonize your chakras…

Without years of study, or sealing yourself up in a remote mountain monastery to meditate for hours on end!

This is the system that will allow you to finally leave behind the frustrations, conflicts, limited results and maybe even deep loneliness you’ve struggled with...

And replace them with the harmony, happiness and abundance that comes when you control your own destiny.

And you can do it without wasting another moment on ineffective, time-wasting “tricks” (that don’t really work)

It’s the key that finally opens the door of life you want, the life you deserve, and trigger an avalanche of well-being, positive energy and happiness in your life!

When you grab your copy of this program, you’ll have something very powerful to turn to – right in the palms of your hands!

It’s comprehensive. It’s easy to use. And the bottom line? It works!

Now let’s have a look together at exactly what you get with your own Chakra Harmonization for Health and Balance kit:

First you’ve got The Chakra Harmonization manual itself…

This is the complete step by step blueprint that contains everything you need to get started with your own chakra healing.

You’ll discover which chakras you need to work on…

And learn exactly how to heal those chakras within minutes of opening your manual…

This is important because your chakras need to be in harmony with each other and with your body.

Remember: this manual shows you more than simply how to identify a weak chakra...

It also gives you the exact, clear and simple steps to take in order to heal and balance them all!

This really is a reset for a whole-body super-charge – one that allows you to effortlessly create the results you really want out of life.

And this is just the beginning...

Next, you’ll receive seven, Chakra Harmonization Books of Knowledge – one for each chakra.

Each book focuses on a single chakra, so you can pour your undivided attention into any Chakra you feel needs clearing, balancing or energizing.

Your Books of Knowledge are designed to give you even better results than using the manual alone.

Each book is unique, because each of your Chakras is unique!

For example, in the Root Chakra Book of Knowledge you will learn my advanced 5-step grounding exercise for activating your Root Chakra.

You’ll also discover the seven associations you need in order to fully open your Root Chakra – providing essential support for the rest of your chakra system.

And that’s just the Root Chakra Book of Knowledge!

All seven Books contain priceless information specific to that chakra – information you won’t find in such a comprehensive and easy-to-use format anywhere else!

Some of Your Chakras are Already Fully Open

As you probably guessed by now, some of your chakras are already fully open. In fact, at different times in anyone’s life it’s possible to have some chakras blocked, some healthy and open, and others over-working. And depending on your life circumstances, stresses, health and other outside influences, this changes over the course of your life.

That’s what makes the Chakra Harmonization program so special...

You see, because different chakras need different kinds of support over the course of your life, this is a healing tool you can turn to any time you need it, for any chakra that needs support!

Now, all of the information you’ll find in both your Manual and the individual Books of Knowledge surpass any other Chakra program I’ve ever come across. But there’s more...

In addition to your comprehensive manual and 7 Books of knowledge, when you request your own Chakra Harmonization for Health and Balance program, you’ll also receive my 7 chakra healing, guided meditations, each targeting a specific chakra.

And these guided meditations are so powerful that they require almost no effort from you at all!

All you need to do for these guided audios to work wonders on your chakras – and in your life! – is close your eyes and listen. You can literally let the guide do all the work for you!

These audios were recorded by a professional meditation coach and energy healer, with my hands-on supervision, every step of the way.

You can rest assured that these are the most powerful guided meditations for healing your chakras that exist.

These guided meditations are a key compliment to your Books of Knowledge, because once you understand your chakras and how to balance them, you can simply turn to the audio you need, when you need it, then close your eyes to allow most of the work to be done for you!

From the moment you hit play, you’ll notice an immediate shift. And in no time at all you’ll begin to feel the same thing countless others have reported (even people who’ve never meditated a minute in their life)…

A deep sense of ease will begin to encompass you, like that pleasurable sensation of slipping into a warm, comforting bath after a long, tough day...

You’ll feel an uplift in your mood, as hope and trust rise through your being from a deep well within you.

You’ll find it easier to release worry, stress or negative emotions as your blocked or over-worked chakra comes back into balance.

And a bounty of joy and delight will bubble forth, bringing vision, energy and inspiration into your heart.

And this is all because of one thing: when you harmonize your chakras ... you return yourself to the natural state of wellbeing you were meant to always enjoy.

You will literally feel your energy swirling around in your body when you listen to these guided meditation because they were made to be extremely powerful. And they’re super-convenient to use! You can listen to them on your phone, tablet or laptop.

I’ve designed these to be as easy, effective and enjoyable as possible. With results that will likely come far faster than you imagine.

You Might Think That a Program That can do this Much for You Would Cost a Pretty Penny…

And in all honestly? It really should. After all, this has helped thousands of people balance their chakras and live the lives they deserve…

Something that delivers SO MUCH value to your life simply must cost a lot, right?

Well, I’ll get to that in a moment, because the answer will surprise you ... but first I want to share some of the key benefits you’re going to gain as soon as you begin using your Chakra Harmonization program…

First of all, the program is extremely easy to use. Everything was created to be as easy, effective and enjoyable as possible.

Second, this program is extremely flexible and is tailored just for you. In the Chakra Harmonization manual you will quickly discover which chakras you need to work on. Then it’s simply a matter of carving out a few minutes here and there during the week to apply the healing techniques revealed in the program.

Third, if you have any questions I’m always just an e-mail away. I know how important chakra healing is for you and I want you to get this right.

So now you can see how much value this program will bring to your life. It shouldn’t surprise you that the whole program is valued at $299.

But before you get sticker shock, I have some delightful news for you …

This is not the price you will have to concern yourself with today. Better still, Chakra Harmonization for Health and Balance is not the only tool you’ll receive. I’ve got a little something extra for you today. You can think of it as my way of saying “thank you” for joining me here today, and watching this presentation...

It’s my special, Chakra Harmonization Workout Session.

This is an extremely relaxing, 20-minute audio that will help you balance all your chakras, one after the other. This workout was designed to help you keep your energy centers balanced and harmonized.

And I’m sure you can see why this system – together with the workout session – is valued at over $400 dollars.

Now, as I promised, just for reading this far I have a much better deal coming your way… so stay with me, this won’t be much longer.

Because of course you could just continue to live your life the way you’re living it right now… who knows, things might change in the future.

And of course you could try to figure all of this out by yourself… spending countless hours figuring out how each chakra works and how to balance it… not to mention the real issue of keeping your chakras balanced…

Yes, you could do that. But you’d still be missing out on a lot of the material that took me YEARS to put together.

And that isn’t what I want for you.

So let’s make this a really easy decision, okay?

I feel you deserve to know why I’m about to offer you such a massive discount…

So let me share my dream with you… It’s a cause I’m inviting you to join, along with thousands others just like you… people who are ready to transform every area of their life. People like you who are ready to replace ugly, health-draining fears, illnesses, worries and problems with real, positive energy.

The cause is this ... to help as many people as possibly enjoy the benefits that come from healing and harmonizing their chakras.

You see, when I realized how powerfully positive my life had become by healing my chakras, I couldn’t help but want to share it with as many people as possible... and help them experience the same, life-transforming results…

It’s why I’ve devoted my life to chakra healing, and ensuring that anyone who desires to life a happier healthier life – a life in line with the positive destiny they were meant for – has access to this system.

And it’s why I’m prepared to give you full access to the complete program today for a very small, one-time investment.

You’re not going to be offered the retail price of the entire, Chakra Harmonization for Health and Balance program and Chakra Harmonization Workout Session…

Not even close.

So your investment will not be $400.

Not even $250 dollars.

Not even $99 dollars.

Your total investment today, including full access to the entire, Chakra Harmonization for Health and Balance program and Chakra Harmonization Workout Session is a small, one-time investment of only $47 dollars.

And to have instant access is easy! Simply click on the button below to get started.

Don't Risk Anything - You Have 60 Days to Try the Program

I Don't Want You to Risk Anything

Listen, I don’t want you to risk anything.

That’s why you’ll enjoy 60 full days to try the program…

If you don’t experience the results that I promise… OR:

If you feel like you should experience better results… OR:

Even if you don’t like the audios, the Books of Knowledge or any part of the program…

I’ll gladly refund every single penny.

No question, no hassles and no hard feelings.

In fact, even if you decide to cancel, I still want you to keep the whole program as my gift for you. Just for giving the program a try.

All you need to do to take advantage of this special price is look below the video right now and click on the big button below. This will take you to the secure page to claim the entire program at the discounted price now!

When you act before this presentation ends, I’m also going to toss in a one-of-a-kind super bonus.

My Special Super Bonus


What is it? ... It’s a chakra healing, audio hypnosis session.

This 30 hypnosis session was created by a professional hypnotherapist, and it’s designed to prepare your body for the best chakra healing effects – leaving you feeling totally relaxed, receptive and prepared to fully balance and heal your chakras.

This hypnosis audio is not sold anywhere – it was made exclusively as my one-of-a-kind super bonus and alone is valued at $67 dollars.

This brings the total value of the full program plus your bonuses to over $450 dollars … and if you act now, it’s all yours for just one payment of $47 dollars.

Don't Risk Anything - You Have 60 Days to Try the Program

It's Not Just a Bargain You're Getting Today...

Remember, it’s not just a great bargain you’re getting today…

You’ll improve every area of your life by healing your chakras…

Your career and financial success will improve by balancing your First Chakra…

Your emotional well-being and happiness will improve once you balance your Second Chakra…

Your self-esteem will greatly improve once your Solar Plexus Chakra is in balance…

Your relationships at home, work and in your community will improve once you balance your Heart Chakra…

You will be able to communicate better with those around you once your Throat Chakra is in balance…

Your will have a very powerful sense of intuition and sense of purpose once your Third Eye Chakra is in balance…

And your spiritual well-being will improve dramatically once you balance your Crown Chakra.

In other words, your life will change.

And let’s not forget that each chakra is connected to specific organs in your body, so keeping those chakras in balance supports your physical wellbeing, helping your organs maintain health …

Let’s be honest: there are no coincidences, are there?

You are here with me now for a reason. And it’s clear, because of your presence here, that you are a smart and thoughtful person...

That’s why I’m sure you understand the importance of the choice before you...

Say YES to taking destiny in your hands...

Or continue life as you’ve been living in.

The choice really is yours.

And I want you to make the right choice for you today.

Simply click on the button below this video, try this program for 60 days and if you don’t like it, you don’t have to pay anything.

Remember: you’ll be granted immediate access to the full program with all bonuses plus my special super bonus… just for taking action NOW.

Here’s what will happen the moment you click on the big button below this video…

You’ll jump to a secured checkout page. Here is where you add your details and complete your order.

Once you do, you’ll be redirected to the members’ area with instant access to the full program – including all your bonuses.

From there you can choose to use the program directly on the member’s area or download it to your computer. It really is that easy.

Plus you will receive an e-mail message with your login details so you can access the full program any time you want. The e-mail will come from my personal e-mail address, so you can always reply and ask me questions. Yes, even ask for a refund if you want (remember, no hard feelings).

It’s THAT simple…

Picture yourself for a moment…

Your energy ecosystem is in balance…

Your life is in balance…

And your worries, illnesses and fears are gone. Vanished.

You feel hope, confidence ... joy! All because YOU control your destiny!

Simply try the program for 60 days, see the results you’ve been wanting, or you pay absolutely nothing.

Like I said, you will receive an email coming from my personal e-mail account, so if you ever feel like the program is not living up to your expectations, simply send me a quick e-mail asking me for a refund.

No hard feelings, I promise.

So take action now. Your total investment for today is a one-time payment of only $47 dollars.

Click on the big button below this video to continue.

Remember, you will receive everything below:

It's Not Just a Bargain You're Getting Today...

Your super bonus alone is worth the entire price of the program – yes, at least $47 since the audio was created by a professional hypnotherapist who charges hundreds of dollars per hour.

And you’re getting it today absolutely free.

Now, there’s one final thing I want to share with you...

See, I don’t know how long I’ll be offering this much for this little …

In fact, the price will likely increase in the near future.

It’s why you don’t want to put this off a second longer

So let’s make sure you get what you really want…

Take advantage of this limited-time offer while it’s still available, because the fact that you’ve been with me this long is a clear sign for you ... you know something needs to change. And this is your opportunity right here. The time to order is now – will you transform your life, or will you keep living your life the way you’ve always lived it?

This is your choice.

Simply click on the button below to get started with your Chakra Harmonization program today.

Are you still here? Let me answer a few questions you may have...

Now that I’ve cleared up all the important questions about the program, it’s time for you ...

This is your time to ACT without delay and take advantage of this small window of opportunity to gain Chakra Harmonization for Health and Balance at such a low, one-time price.

Simply click on the button below this video to get started right now.

Remember, you’re protected by my 60-day money-back guarantee, so you’re risking absolutely nothing.

It’s your chance to make a hugely positive, everlasting impact on your life and the lives of those around you.

Click on the big button below this video to order now!

Q. “Will Chakra Harmonization work on my iPad/Computer/Smart Phone?”

This program can be accessed through any device. You can either choose to download the program to your computer, or access it directly on the members’ area.

Q. “What makes Chakra Harmonization better than any other chakra healing program?”

Although there are other chakra healing programs on the market, Chakra Harmonization for Health and Balance is the only one that emphasizes on healing each individual chakra. This program is not perfect, but we have made it the best it can be.

Q. “Does Chakra Healing Really Work? Where is the Scientific Proof?”

Although chakra healing is based on ancient techniques that date back over 3,000 years, plenty of scientific research has now validated the existence of chakras and the effectiveness of chakra healing. Many major universities and professors have validated the existence of chakras. Some of these researchers include Dr. Valerie Hunt and Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama. And let’s not forget that there is ample of empirical evidence from millions of chakra healers that clearly demonstrate that chakra healing really does work.

Q. “How Does This Work? Is Anything Sent to My House?”

Once you place your order for Chakra Harmonization for Health and Balance, you’ll be redirected to the members’ area instantly. It’s extremely easy to get started and you can begin minutes from now. Nothing is sent to your house. You will receive everything digitally.

Q. “How long does it take to see results?”

There are many variables that influence the speed of your success with Chakra Healing. Personal circumstances, the state of your Chakras, and your frequency of practice are all factors that can affect this.Some people experience results with their first exercise and for others, it may take a couple of tries. If your Chakra is completely blocked, you may even need a few weeks of continuous work before you start seeing results. What we can promise is that as long as you stay committed to working with your Chakras at least few times a week, you will see improvements.

Q. “Is it safe to order from your website?”

Absolutely. We have sold thousands of copies of this and other programs and we’ve never had a single issue that we couldn’t handle. Not even one. All your information is completely secure, and you will be 100% satisfied with your purchase (or you receive all your money back). Our payment processor is extremely reliable and has an outstanding track record.

Q. “Will I Ever Be Re-Billed for This?”

Absolutely not. This is a one-time payment and you’ll never be billed again.

Six Reasons Why You'll Love This Program...

Heroic Customer Support

Need help with your order? Trying to get the audios onto your iPod? Looking for more tips on advanced chakra practice? Our heroic customer support team is itching to help you out.

Gorgeous on Your Smartphone

This program is designed to work on any device, including smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. tablets and desktop computers. tablets and desktop computers.

Join a Vibrant Community

We are a large, vibrant community of self-help enthusiasts who want to improve our lives. Join this huge community and have a lasting, positive impact on the world.

Lifetime Access

Once you order, you will have full access to this program forever. You will also receive free access to all the updates we release for this program in the future.

Instant Access

This is a digital program, which means that you can receive full access to the program within just a few minutes. Our platform is fast and extremely easy to use.

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