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8 Practical Ways to Develop Your Natural Spirituality -#LMLBC Episode 7 (Final)

One thing that I know for certain is that each and every one of us has a spirit. It is not our body that defines us; it is our spirit that reflects who we are. Our mind is just a steering mechanism (or a processor if you are into technology) that can’t function properly without the spirit.

How to Ignite a Spiritual Spark in Your Romance

By guest author Angie Schuller Wyatt of Spiritual Wellness Are you looking for a steamy romance that sets your life on fire? Maybe you’ve found the right partner, but it’s time to reignite that flame? We all want the kind of love that makes us feel vibrant, like we could conquer the world. Yet, what […]

9 Ultimate Self Improvement Lessons Anyone Can Learn from the Bible

Here is a question for you. What does Christianity have to do with the popular and constantly growing industry of Self Improvement? Don’t be afraid, it’s not some religious fanatic post that is supposed to make you repent your sins and go into exile. We are all intelligent and smart people who are looking for ways to grow in life, to develop in a balanced and harmonious way.