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Our lives are different and it takes different steps for each of us to reach our life balance. Life balance in return is the ultimate state at which you can feel that you are happy with your life. Your life does not need to be perfect but you must have just enough positive points that will help you offset any negative situations or problems that you might encounter. Of course it is great to strive for the best and all-around perfect life but we all know that this goal is unreachable.

For over a year now I have been writing about different aspects of balance and I know that I have not covered even half of them yet. Because there is SOOOO much to cover. Every day I learn a lot and face challenges that make me come up with new strategies for my own life balance.

In my last week post I wrote about the only way you can finally bring your life into balance and I promised to give you my own Book of Wisdom – a collection of posts from all over the web that can help you do so. Here they are, 101 posts to a balanced life. Take your time and savor each of them because they are all worth your time.

Balanced Nutrition

  1. 7 Secrets to a healthy breakfast
  2. A simple guide to frugal organic eating
  3. 8 great foods you are probably missing
  4. Cheap and healthy grocery list for a bad economy

Balanced Body (Exercise, Running, General Health)

  1. How to make going to the gym interesting
  2. 9 secrets of choosing the best workout
  3. The minimalist’s workout
  4. Yoga for beginners (video series)
  5. Essentials for minimal home workouts
  6. The best supersets for the gym
  7. Laughing your way to fitness
  8. Yoga for weight loss (video series)
  9. 5 golden rules that have helped me to lose weight for good
  10. Are you exercising enough to hit your goals?
  11. Pilates benefits: 25 reasons to give Pilates a try + Pilates for a strong back (video)
  12. 100 beginner running tips
  13. Your most frequently asked running questions answered
  14. Born to Run
  15. Running every day keeps aging away: the most complete list of running benefits

Balanced Mind and Soul (Personal Growth, Self Improvement)

  1. How to spend time with yourself and why
  2. Balance your life in two days
  3. 50 questions that will free your mind
  4. 10 simple ways to live a less stressful life
  5. You are a failure. A letter to you
  6. Seeing the beauty in ugliness
  7. 50 ways to say no
  8. 6 key lessons in life from a 140 year old man
  9. The one ingredient necessary for accepting yourself
  10. How to use personal development information in a better way
  11. How not to hurry
  12. How to give your dark side permission to live
  13. The minimalist’s mind: decluttering your brain waves
  14. How to be generous when you do not feel like it
  15. How to let go of your limiting beliefs
  16. 10 killer strategies to kill negative thinking and regain life balance
  17. The slow secret: how to make lasting changes in your life
  18. The ABC’s of loving yourself
  19. 10 ways to practice mindfulness and reach life balance

Happiness and Positivity

  1. 11 steps to greater happiness now
  2. How to find happiness and serenity with the help of seashells (and without them)
  3. 11 quick and simple ways to spread positivity around you today
  4. How to be an infectious lover of life and not feel guilty
  5. Living a life of no regrets
  6. Stop being your best and enjoy your life
  7. 10 ways to feel better in 60 second or less


  1. How to start meditating: 10 important tips
  2. What is natural spirituality?
  3. Knowing
  4. Top 10 lessons learned in spirituality
  5. The basics: 13 key points about the floe of awakening
  6. How I meditate – examen
  7. The greatest thoughts for your path to a meaningful existence
  8. Regain inner peace, clarity and focus with walking gratitude meditation

Balanced Lifestyle

  1. 33 ways to start your day
  2. 7 great ways to end the day
  3. 7 irrational thought that disrupt your life
  4. 9 things you can do every day when you can’t do anything else
  5. Schedule time for play
  6. How to design your perfect average day and fearlessly work towards it
  7. Living life of no regrets
  8. 7 enlightened thoughts for a kick-ass day

Balanced Relationship (Marriage and Love)

  1. How to prepare yourself for a marriage that lasts
  2. 7 ways to strengthen relationships by creating lasting memories
  3. Toxic relationships: Why do we stay?
  4. Stop arguing
  5. True love or infatuation: What is the difference?
  6. 15 steps to a balanced and happy marriage (relationship)

Social Life (Friendship, Communication, Social Skills)

  1. How to be annoyingly positive and still keep your boring friends
  2. 7 ways to drastically improve your social life
  3. 8 helpful ways to deal with critical people
  4. Choose and attract friends wisely
  5. The introvert’s guide to people
  6. How to escape loneliness: 10 ways to connect with others
  7. How to make a true friend (worth more than 14.6 cents)
  8. Step out of your shell: practical tips to become a better conversationalist

Balanced Home (Organizing, Decluttering)

  1. Living simply: The ultimate guide to conquering your clutter
  2. Unclutter your life – unclutter your mind
  3. Organizing small spaces: 10 tips to make the most out of your space


  1. How chasing passion makes us better
  2. Should your work be your obsession?
  3. Loving your work – don’t be obsessive, do be tough
  4. 43 ways to start making money right now
  5. 9 tips for feeling happier when you lost your job or you fear you might
  6. 9 unconventional steps to a thriving, “very small” business
  7. How to love your job
  8. In defense of work-life balance
  9. The only way to become amazingly great at something

Balanced Parenting/Family

  1. 4 parents share their top 3 pieces of advice
  2. 10 practical productivity tips for parents
  3. Top 10 essential family values
  4. The inconvenient truth about raising kids
  5. How to be a minimalist with kids
  6. When toys take over
  7. Keeping kids from being crass consumers
  8. 6 parenting lessons from Darren Rowse

Financial Balance

  1. The 7 deadly sins of personal finance
  2. How to manage your financial vices
  3. My ten commandments of personal finance
  4. How to get out of debt
  5. Dealing with dissatisfaction
  6. Wealth vs Income – What does it mean to be rich?

I can’t believe I am done with this list. Phew! That was a lot of copying, pasting and reading. Have you found your favorite post yet? These are all my favorites and I have learned so much from each of them. Are there any areas of life balance that I have left out? Please tell me and I’ll be glad to deliver the information that will be helpful to you personally.

Keep your life balanced!

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  1. Anastasiya–thank you so much for including my site. I am honored. What a wonderful and extensive list! The internet has become a wonderful resource for awakening!


  2. Monica says:

    Hi Anastasiya! Thank you so much for linking to my article “The inconvenient truth about raising kids!” I’m honored to be among your list as many writer’s I already follow and admire. There is so much here to read and learn from. I know where I’ll be coming back to over the next few days!! Have a great week :)

  3. Hi Anastasiya, what a wonderful list! This one’s for bookmarking for sure. I love list posts myself and I know this one took a lot of work.

    Thanks for your dedication to teaching us about balance and for linking to me.

  4. Anastasiya, I love the way you have broken this down into different areas.

    What a complete and balanced list. I shall certainly be book markting this post and coming back to it many times. Out of many such lists that I have seen, this is by far the best and most comprehensive.

    My friend, you have set yourself a very high standard to follow:-)

  5. What an amazing list! Thanks so much for posting this!

  6. Justin Dixon says:

    Anastasiya I am honored that you not only listed one of my posts, but 3 of them! I’m really glad you got that much meaning out of them. I hope other people will feel the same way.

  7. Wow Anastasiya, you covered about every conceivable aspect of life I can think of. What a wonderful resource you’ve created here, I’m totally impressed.

    By doing such a thorough job you remind us of a very important point: Life needs to be balanced. We can’t afford to focus so intently on one or two aspects of life that we neglect the others. If we do, the neglected areas will eventually demand the lion’s share of our energy.

    Balance may require constant adjustment, but it really is the key to a happy, long, healthy, and meaningful life. Thanks for all the work you put into this.

  8. Heather Rae says:

    I just came upon your site recently and have really been enjoying reading through your posts. I love this list! The fact that it incorporates so many different aspects of a balanced life is wonderful. Often, people look at balance in a very limited way (balance between work and home life, for instance). But balance in life is inclusive of everything that comes together to create a fulfilling life. Your take on this is refreshing. Thank you!

  9. J.D. Meier says:

    Very nice compilation … I like both your categories and your hand-picked posts.

  10. Wow, you’ve done a brilliant job with this Anastasiya, it must have taken you ages to compile this.

    You should get everyone’s permission and turn these posts into a book and put it up on Amazon as these posts are great.

    Thanks you so much for linking to a few of my articles as well I really appreciate it.

  11. This is a great list and thanks for taking the time to build it. It sure took you many hours, not even considering the time to read all those articles! Also thanks for including my post. Have a great day!

  12. Hi Ana,
    Thats an awesome list! Seriously good reading..
    How sweet of you to include my post in this awesome list :) Well, this makes me love you and your blog even more :)
    I cant imagine how long it took you to compile this list…kids and all….but big hug to you for the effort you put into it.
    Thank you for including my post….I really really appreciate it.
    Much Love,
    p.s. tweeting right now :)

  13. Anastasiya, WOW- is all I can say! What a list! I am honored to be included. Thank you so much!

  14. Dragos Roua says:

    Anastasya, this is absolutely great! I don’t know what time you spent on compiling this but you did a fantastic job. So many wonderful bloggers I already know are in it and I’m honored and humbled to be in such a fantastic company.

    Thank you :-)

  15. Hey Anastasiya! What a wonderful listing – lots of very valuable resources here that are compiled in a central book, thanks to you! Thanks a lot for listing my article on how to deal with critical people ( – Hopefully the readers find it helpful as they manage the critical/difficult people in their life. Keep up the great work on your blog!

  16. Cheryl Paris says:

    Hello Anastasiya,

    Vow! What a remarkable job to include all the important links in one place. I have bookmarked this page.


    • Anastasiya says:

      Thank you all for your comments!
      The list did take a long time and my husband was stuck with the babies for the whole day yesterday but I enjoyed compiling this list. This is my best of the best and I wanted to share all these wonderful articles with my readers.

  17. Mark says:

    This is an inspired idea! Thanks for sharing all of these great links and thank-you for including some of my posts!

  18. What an amazing list! I am saving that on delicious and shared on Twitter and Facebook because this is a MUST see post for everyone. Thanks for putting that together!

  19. Thank you so much for putting the time and energy into creating such
    an awesome list.

    It’s going to take a while to read through all these articles.

    Peace, love and chocolate


  20. Karol Gajda says:

    Hi Anastasiya,

    So far my favorite on this list is “7 Irrational Thoughts That Disrupt Your Life” by Steve Aitchison: I’m a subscriber to his blog, but I never delved too deep in the archives, so thank you for that!


    • Anastasiya says:

      You are welcome Karol,
      when I started compiling this post I was amazed at how many wonderful articles are buried deep down in archives. I am glad that you have found some useful posts for yourself in my list :-)

  21. David Damron says:

    You have some great and inspirational links provided. Thanks and I enjoy your site. Thank Leo Babauta for guiding me your way.

    David Damron
    The Minimalist Path

  22. Fr. Michael says:

    Thanks for the hard work! I look forward to reading many of these posts. I saw that Steve Aitchinson suggested that you put these into book form. I had the same thought for you. Keep up the great work. God bless you!

  23. Esther says:

    Hi Anastasiya,
    I’m honored too that you’ve included me, thank you :)
    I really enjoy reading your post and personality! You’ve got a wonderful way of writing.
    Let’s keep in touch.

  24. Annie Stith says:

    What a wonderful list! Already as I glance through it, I see some of my favorites, and even more that probably will become so. :)

    The only thing I see that might be missing (and then only because I gain so much from it) are the lessons we can be taught by spending time in nature, especially in solitude.