Know your Aura…

Posted in Chakras | September 15, 2015 |

All beings are made of energy, humans and animals, living and non-living; therefore, all beings have auras. An aura is just energy that surrounds us. It’s our exterior energy and when it’s strong it can protect us from foreign energy or “bugs”.

When our aura is weak, we let the negative energy from other people, places or animals invade us very easy. That’s why sometimes we can go from a very positive state to a very negative one very quickly when we get in contact with someone or something that has negative energy.

Auras vary widely in shape and color. The first time I saw my aura it was a beautiful violet light emanating from my body, surrounding me and protecting me. Knowing my aura helps me understand when I’m strong and when I’m vulnerable.

Similarly, you can know, feel, strengthen and even see your aura with some practice…

If you want to have a strong aura and a strong energy ecosystem, you have to heal and balance your chakras first. My program called ​Chakra Harmonization contains audios and guidebooks for strengthening each of your chakras.

Once​ you order the program here, you’ll have the option to order Auras: Master the Art of Sensing, Seeing and Knowing the Human Aura. I strongly recommend that you get both programs.

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“Rule your mind or it will rule you” Quote

Posted in Meditation | September 15, 2015 |

Buddha once said, “rule your mind, or it will rule you”.

Although Buddha said this quote thousands of years ago, it’s as relevant today as ever.

With so many distractions… so many notifications… so many ads and messages struggling for our attention, it’s more important than ever to rule our minds and stay focused on what truly matters.

I see it all the time: people who work too many jobs, who have too many projects, who get distracted every five minutes from social media, who can’t stay quiet for a few minutes… They don’t rule their minds, but rather just react to what the world throws at them…

Those who meditate daily are better able to rule their minds and stay FOCUSED. All my online students, i.e. those who use my program called The Depth Factor, receive my manuals that help them rule their minds and their lives.

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Palm Healing With Chakra Energy

Posted in Reiki | September 15, 2015 |

You can channel the energy from your chakras into your palms and use that energy to heal yourself or someone else.

How the healing and renewal process takes place depends on your energy and your ability to channel your energy…

I first stumbled upon this practice by accident, when one of my students was making herself a cup of tea and she accidentally poured boiling water over her hand. She screamed in pain, so I quickly grabbed some ice, put it on her hand and visualized my energy healing her skin and stopping her pain completely.

After about two minutes, I removed the ice and there was no burn. She looked at me and asked me how I did it, but I didn’t know about palm healing back then.

I soon learned that there’s a whole group of people who dedicate their lives to this practice, which is known as Reiki.

My friend Owen is a master Reiki healer and ​teaches Reiki here.

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Finding Your Life’s Purpose (How To)

Posted in Life Purpose | September 14, 2015 |

Finding your life’s purpose isn’t a one-time event, it’s a life journey.

I discovered my unique purpose in life when I started helping others heal and balance their chakras. After a few years, I realized that I was destined to bring balance to the lives of others.

It wasn’t always smooth sailing. I almost gave up several times and I often felt powerless to help some people.

But then I realized that finding your life’s purpose is discovered through following the feelings of your heart, so I never gave up.

Finding your unique purpose in life is a journey that also often requires guidance.

My friends Ric and Liz share on this page how to find your true calling. It’s a very interesting read that I recommend.

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The Power of a Samurai (Deep Breathing)

Posted in Deep Breathing | September 14, 2015 |

“Deep breathing alone has made many persons strong and many persons sick.”

These words come from the immortal teachings of Martin ‘Farmer’ Burns – but they could have just as easily come from the ancient Samurai of Japan…

For example, in a 1911 book on Japanese exercise methods that I read many years ago, I recorded the following:

‘The ancient samurai was accustomed to going out into the open air as soon as he rose in the morning. There he devoted at least 10 or 15 minutes to continued deep breathing, standing with his hands on his hips in order that he might feel the play of his muscles.’

Today, deep breathing is often ignored…

So the first thing you have to do if you want to reap all the juicy rewards of meditation is to breathe deeply during your practice.
Maybe you’ve never paid much attention to the subject of deep breathing before. For the first 23 years of my life I didn’t either. Yet, I assure you, life is much better when you’re in tune with how you breathe.

Spend 10-15 minutes meditating per day with the right breathing technique and you’ll see why your breath is your power. The Deep Breathing Guide I include with The Depth Factor goes in great detail about breathing.