How to Empower Yourself to Live the Best Life Possible

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Find the power within

Find the power within

How are you planning to reach your biggest goal?

We all have goals/dreams that we say “I really want to do this. This is THE THING for me.” However, whenever we think about these goals we always find a reason why it is not the right time to start working towards them. This goal can be as big as writing a bestseller , as trivial as starting a healthy lifestyle or as painful as getting over a nagging family conflict.

When I first opened BalanceInMe I really didn’t have a plan on how to run it or what to write about. The design was horrible. My writing was not much better and frankly speaking as I look back to those days I didn’t have many chances of surviving as a blogger and realizing my dream of touching the lives of thousands of people.
However, I was lucky because I chose a topic for the blog that helped me improve as well. My passion for balanced living empowered me to become a better writer, to get over my fears and to be grateful for the most bitter critique (one of the top bloggers reviewed my site back in those days and his reaction was “It’s horrible all over.”)

How do you fuel your goal or your motivation towards joyous and fulfilling living?

Self-empowerment is one of the most powerful tools that we have in our arsenal. Sometimes we don’t realize that we have this ammunition and it takes a while to get the hang of it but the results are always amazing.

  • Who knows you better than you?
  • Who understands your goals better than you?
  • Who knows what you are going through better than you?
  • Who knows what obstacles stand in your way better than you?


When you look at the lives of successful people they all have one trait in common: they can empower themselves to do whatever they set their minds to.

  • Did anyone show Thomas Edison how to invent a light bulb? Or do you think that he had a coach standing behind his back and saying after each failed attempt “It’s okay, you’ll do better next time.”
  • Did Gretchen Rubin create her Happiness Project based on someone else’s needs?
  • Did Steve Jobs or Bill Gates have someone telling them “You are working on the future. Even if no one understands you right now you’ll be a billionaire one day, guaranteed.”

All of these people (and many more) know how to empower themselves to live their lives with meaning, passion and accomplishment. Here are the 5 most important lessons that anyone can use to empower their best self:

1. Grow in life

Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid only of standing still.
Chinese Proverb

Growth is a vital ingredient of balanced living but too often we find a comfortable spot in life and we refuse to take any more steps forward. Just because you are 25 or 65 doesn’t mean that you have to stop growing in life. Every day we make choices, every day we face challenges and obstacles and each one of them is an opportunity to improve and grow in life.

Self-empowered people take every chance they have to grow and they are not afraid of busting through a few ceilings while getting out of the ordinary spaces.

2. Stand your ground

What do you believe in in life? What foundation is your life built on?

Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.
Eph. 6:13

We all have things that we whole-heartedly believe in and put at the top of our priority list. It is family for some, work and career for others, God for somebody else etc. Sometimes, however, we allow circumstances, excuses or fears to shake our grounds and beliefs.

The power to do something amazing in life comes from the confidence in yourself and in your beliefs. If I tell you that I am not sure that life balance is important then will you be empowered by any of my posts? Or will I be able to live a balanced life if I am not confident in its vital value for me.

Self empowered people know what they stand for and they prove with their life and each action the importance of their beliefs.

3. Focus on your future, learn from your past

One of the biggest dream and goal – killers in life are past mistakes. The longer you live and the more mistakes you (naturally) accumulate the more difficult it gets to go past them.

  • A person who had several failed relationships will be very hesitant to start a new one because they are not sure they are the “relationship-type.”
  • A person who was fired from his/her job would be more critical of his/her business ideas.
  • Even a girl who had an unsuccessful weight loss experience will convince herself that she is just born to be overweight and unhealthy and nothing can change that.

Self-empowerment is what you need to get past obstacles in life. Whatever happened in the past doesn’t matter as long as you analyzed the situation and learned to use it for your future.

  • If your former relationships didn’t work out then think if there is a particular trait in you that keeps you from finding your second half.
  • If you had disagreements with your boss then think how you can use his comments to become better at your job or find a field that is more suitable for you.
  • If you failed to lose weight then ask yourself if you chose the right strategy to do so.

Aaron Patzer, a creator of – free personal finance management software – had trouble finding investors for his project.

Investors in [Silicon] Valley have seen hundreds or thousands of proposals from eager young entrepreneurs — so when they give a flat-out no, or worse, tell you your idea will never take off, it’s pretty disheartening. I continued to build what I knew was a good solution, and when I got really down I listened to Frank Sinatra’s “That’s Life” and got back in the game. Once I got my first yes, it was game on.

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.
Albert Einstein

Self-empowerment helps you build your future but you can’t be dwelling on your past at the same time.

4. Be yourself

Did you know that you have a super power? Your personality is the unique and enormously efficient super power that you can use to transform your life. Nobody else has the personality that you have. Nobody else has a unique combination of traits and thinking patterns that help you come up with ideas, make decisions and live an empowered and empowering life.

Tony Hsieh (CEO of Zappos) in his interview to said:

A lot of people [act] different on the weekends versus the office. It’s like they leave a big part of themselves at home. We encourage our employees to be themselves. We want them to be the same person at home and the office.

Empowering employees helps Zappos to be a gold standard for customer service as well as company culture.

Self empowered people use their uniqueness at home and at work and leverage it to build their best life and make a difference in the world.

5. Learn

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.
Mohandas Gandhi

Knowledge is the propeller of success and happiness. The minute you decide that you know it all you give room to arrogance and pride both of which force you to make stupid decisions in life.

Life doesn’t stop for a minute and knowledge that we can absorb does not end either. Only if you learn something new every day you can see new opportunities and embrace all possibilities.

Only if you learn you can use your past experiences to propel you into the future rather than drag you down into nostalgia and reminiscence.

Only if you learn you can empower yourself for bold actions and balanced living.

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Keep it balanced!

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Smart Thoughts (5)

  1. Was having lunch with a friend today, and she said something which surprised me “Noch, you have amazing willpower, which is why you got better from your depression.” I had not thought about it in this context, but it made me think, and reading what you said, that empowering oneself is indeed an unique source of strength. One needs to be determined, make up their mind, and find ways to motivate themselves. And then the courage to be me. That’s another thing I’m working on – that’s why I call my blog “be me. be natural.”

    I feel like i’m walking in your footsteps (i hope anyways), i didn’t dare ask any top blogger review my blog, but i know when i started out it was horrible all over. I hope it has improved over the last 12 months as i rediscover my voice in my writing. and hopefully one day my blog can be as successful as yours. i learn everyday from people like you. but because i’m writing on a topic that is me, and helping me recover from depression, at least i have heart in it. and that’s what motivates me

    Take care
    Noch Noch

    • Anastasiya says:

      Hi Noch,
      I saw your blog before the big redesign and I loved it even then. Right now, of course, it looks just fabulous :-)

      Knowing yourself and learning about yourself is the best way to improve, empower or heal yourself. I hope that while you are recovering from depression you will be able to reach hundreds of other people who were in your situation.

  2. Adam Tyler says:

    Somehow I miss mindfullness in this list. Probably it’s just a component of all five points, however I believe it’s one of the most important ones.

  3. Todd says:

    I agree that finding a comfortable spot can slow down or stop growth. The relationship between Growth and Comfort tends to be an inverse one. There is something about a comfortable chair, a comfortable job, a comfortable relationship…that all make me feel good but something is missing. I think that something is challenge. I’ve been working at feeling comfortable in the challenge…being comfortable in it. Maybe it is all about definition?

    Great points about empowerment Anastasiya! Please keep it coming.