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Thank you for your interest in the free ebook that I am offering to all my readers on this website. The Book of Wisdom: 50 ideas for the all-around balanced life is a compilation of the best posts about balanced living that I have found helpful and amazingly interesting. Balanced living is a subject that a lot of us are striving for even when we do not know it. If you want to know what balanced living is please read this post My Life Is out of Balance. I think that you will discover a completely new meaning of balance then.

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The Book of Wisdom: 50 ideas for the all-around balanced life is a 195 page book (you know that you are getting a pretty good deal here because at least some of the advice in this book will be useful for you :-)). The book also contains a lot of inspiring images that might brighten your day when you just feel like looking at stuff rather than reading. I’ve broken down the book into the following areas of life:

* Balanced nutrition
* Balanced body
* Balanced mind and soul (personal growth, self improvement)
* Spirituality
* Balanced lifestyle
* Balanced relationships (marriage, love)
* Social life (friendship, communication, social skills)
* Balanced parenting/family
* Financial balance and career

You can go to the particluar chapter you are interested in and find some great ideas on how to improve that area of your life. Ultimately, this book will give you clarity, happiness, joy and of course balance in life.

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Keep it balanced!