3 Steps to Following Your Passion Fearlessly

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You have this one beautiful life with a limited number of years. Why waste one minute of it accepting unhappiness, boredom, and lack of fulfillment — if you can do something about it. The investment you make in uncovering your passion and finding a way to live it will pay back thousand-fold over your lifetime. Your quality of life will be profoundly improved for the better when you are deeply engaged in something you love.

~ Barrie Davenport

Did you ever ask yourself about what it takes to live your life with passion?

How can you make a bold step into the future, breaking out of the comfort zone that feels safe and secure?

Do you have what it takes to live a life of passion?

Did you ever wish that there was a person who could gently guide you on your road to discovering your passion and answer all your questions along the way?

You are in luck because there is a person like that – a life passion coach Barrie Davenport.

Today I asked Barrie 7 most important questions about finding and following a life passion. Of course after reading this interview you will still have questions – please DO ask them in the comments below. Let the Life Passion Coach help you!

1. Barrie , what is the meaning of life passion for you?

Life passion is a way of life in which you feel deeply engaged, generally happy, and purposeful. This general state of being is fueled by a passion source – something that you have going on in your life that fosters these feelings. You can live this passion through your work, relationships, volunteering, or an avocation. But whatever the main source of your passion, the feelings of engagement and joy spill over into all areas of your life. The tricky part is uncovering that “something” which makes you come alive and figuring out how to design your life around that.

In the simplest terms, life passion is a formula that is something like this:

strong interest + practice + engagement + purpose = life passionTweet This

When you have a strong interest, you must become more proficient in it for it to be engaging, and that requires practice. As you practice your interest, you will become more engaged in it. (If you don’t, then it’s not your passion.) As you become more proficient and engaged, you begin to view your interest in a larger context – how it impacts you holistically and supports your values. It has a bigger purpose in your life. This is how a passion grows.

2. What is your life passion and how are you currently living it?

I began my professional career in public relations and worked in this field for over 20 years. It wasn’t until my oldest daughter left home, and I was in my 40’s that I uncovered my true life passion — helping and supporting other people in their personal growth as they seek their own life passions. I do this through personal coaching, mentoring, writing articles and books, teaching courses, and in how I interact in my personal relationships.

I work as a certified coach providing one-on-one coaching to clients. And I have two web sites, BarrieDavenport.com (which is devoted to helping people uncover and live their passions) and Live Bold and Bloom, a more general personal development blog. I also teach several online courses on finding passion, creating habits, and developing self-confidence. I’ve written a book called The 52-Week Live Passion Project which comes out in November 2012.

3. What obstacles did you have to overcome on your way to living a life with passion?

My first obstacle was that I did not believe I had a passion. After my daughter left home to pursue a career as a professional ballet dancer, I suddenly had much more time on my hands. But I had no enthusiasm around my public relations career anymore. It felt empty and unfulfilling to me. But I had no idea what else I could do. I felt I was too old to start over and was scared that my skills had become outdated.

I went to a workshop called Life Compass hosted by a local coach. I remember the workshop leader telling me that I needed to hang in there and believe that I did have a passion. It would just take some time to find it. He was so convinced that I would find it, that I began to believe I might.

I did a lot of self-discovery work, assessments, reading, and research, and eventually discovered a passion for the helping professions. I went back to school to get certified as a coach, and then created a blog to market my coaching business. Then I discovered another passion – writing and blogging. So my persistence led me to several passions when I had feared I had none! Of course fear and self-doubt were constant companions in those early days of searching, but you have to keep pressing forward.

4. How do you break the fear of going after your passion?

I don’t know that you can break the fear, but you can act in spite of the fear. And the more you take action in spite of fear, then fear becomes less pronounced as you continue moving forward. We humans enjoy having certainty about things. We want to know that everything will work out just fine before we take action. But life rarely works that way. You do your best to make sound judgments and decisions based on thorough investigation, self-reflection, research, and experimentation. Then you have to take a leap of faith. There aren’t guarantees. But if you don’t ever take those leaps, you will remain stuck forever. And even if you fail or you made what appears to be the wrong decision, you have learned something about yourself and what you want in life. All efforts serve your greater good and your goals of finding and living your passion.

5. What is the 52-Week Life Passion Project?

It’s a book of weekly lessons and actions to help you uncover your life passion and begin the process of making it real in your life. Each weekly lesson leads you on a journey of deeper self-awareness so that you gain more clarity on who you are, what you want in life, and how to go about getting it. Each lesson concludes with specific actions and assignments that you will complete during the week.

The lessons and actions are designed to be followed sequentially so that you are working steadily toward uncovering your life passion and creating a realistic plan to live it in a way that works best for you and your life. The lessons in the book represent the same techniques and self-discovery process I used in finding and living my own life passion and the work I conduct with personal coaching clients and in life passion workshops.

The book will be available in November 2012, and an accompanying workbook will also be available. Your readers can get on a wait list to get advance notice of the book release by clicking here.

6. How can one balance developing their life passion while still satisfying life’s demands?

That’s a great question. There are many people who aren’t in a position right now to change careers or quit there jobs. But that doesn’t mean they must live passionless lives. There are many ways to incorporate your passion into your life.

  • You can pursue it on the side.
  • It can be an avocation or hobby.
  • You can pursue it through volunteer work.

And if you think creatively, you can find a way to shape shift your job to make it more in alignment with your passion. This might require asking your boss to support you in making some changes, but many organizations are eager to help employees work in ways that support their natural abilities and inclinations – because they know the employee will be more productive and useful.

If your life is overscheduled and crammed with unnecessary tasks and activities, you will need to simplify and cut back on some things to make room for your passion. This passion work really helps you prioritize and get really focused on what is important in your life.

7. What are the initial three steps that anyone can make to start living a more passionate life?

The first step is to accept that finding and living your life passion is possible. You have to let go of the myths and false beliefs that might be preventing you from even getting started.

The second step is giving yourself the gift of time to do this important work. You need to carve out one to two hours a week to begin the self-discovery work involved in uncovering your life passion.

The third step is to define your core life values – the non-negotiable principles you want reflected in all areas of you life. When you are clear on your top five core values, you can use these as a guidepost for making all other choices and decisions around your passion work.

These three steps will get you started, but I encourage your readers to visit my new site to get more of the details about the next steps!

Thank you Barrie!

Do you have any more questions about life passion? Barrie and I would love to hear and answer them in the comments below. Let the Life Passion Coach answer your questions and guide you to a more balanced and satisfying life!