5 Myths about Exercise and Active Lifestyle

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active lifestyleWhat does an active lifestyle mean? For a long time I thought that being active means going to the gym at least 5 times a week, training for marathons or other races or spending a ton of time exercising every week. Do you have a similar idea of an active lifestyle?

I’ve heard many people say that they cannot exercise because they do not have time for it or they are just not “that type of person.” I thought that I was not an athletic person for many years because most of my interests revolved around sedentary activities (working with the computers, studying, writing, creating artwork.) But thankfully I have realized that I was wrong.

All people are created with the intention to move and be active. I do not want to lecture too much telling you how the modern lifestyle (no sunshine, low-activity, crappy food) makes us sick and robs us of the opportunity to live a healthy life (I can talk for hours about it but it is not the point.) If you think that you are not made to be a buff and fit guy or gal with a six pack, then probably you are not. The truth is that you do not have to look like a fitness model to be active and healthy. Actually it is your choice of how you want to train and how you want to look.

Just take a look at these myths. Do you believe in any of them?

Myth #1. I am not made to be active.

If I got a penny every time I heard somebody saying that they were not made to be active I would be … maybe not a millionaire … but a half-millionaire definitely. We have legs, we have arms, we can bend and move – all of this means that our bodies were created to run, walk and be active.

The change from a sedentary to an active lifestyle is not quick and easy but once you cross the line you will not be able to turn back. Your body gets addicted to being active and in good shape.

Every person can find a form of activity that will be interesting and exciting for them. Sometimes it takes time to find that activity but I believe that there is something for everybody.

Bloggers, writers, programmers, designers and more can benefit from adding exercise into their lifestyle. It will fight stress, prevent burnout, provide a creative outlet, help you refocus and find solutions to the problems you’ve been working on.

Myth #2. I need a ton of time to keep myself in good shape.

If you want to look like a fitness model all year round then yes, you do need to live in the gym. However, most of us, regular people, do not need to try the “Beg for Mercy” workouts or spend 2 hours 5 days a week at the gym.

Depending on your fitness goals you will have to adjust the length and type of your workouts but you can stay active doing regular activities during the day. Walking, playing with kids, gardening, cleaning the house, even walking around the mall – all of these are types of exercise. Just add a few balanced workouts that include cardio, strength training and stretching, combine this routine with a healthy diet and you can expect to be in good shape all year round.

An active lifestyle is a part of balanced living. You do not have to sacrifice your daily joys on being healthy. You can have it all.

Myth #3. 10 minute workouts do not count.

You might think that getting off your chair and walking for 10 minutes won’t do you any good but you are wrong. According to modern health guidelines all of us have to get at least 30 minutes of moderate activity throughout the day, this activity can be divided into short periods of 10 minutes. Maybe walking or stretching for 10 minutes won’t turn you into a fitness model but it will improve circulation in your body and clear out our head.

If you can fit in intense 10-minute workouts then your results will be more noticeable. According to the Journal of Physiology short bursts of very intense workouts — equivalent to only a few minutes per day — can produce the same results as traditional endurance training. Think about rope jumping for a few minutes, “all out” running or cycling.

If you make a rule to get up every hour while you are at work and move for 10 minutes then by the end of the day you will have an 80-minute workout already behind you (this is at least 300 extra calories that you have burned during the day!)

Short bouts of exercise bring the same benefits as a single workout that is why they are a perfect fit for any busy person.

Myth #4. I can’t exercise on my own or at home.

Are you one of those people who use a treadmill as a fancy clothes hanger or maybe you have an entire collection of fitness DVDs in your attic?

I agree, starting to exercise on your own is difficult and a lot of times just “does not feel right ”. You do not know what to do and how to do it. You feel silly jumping around the living room when there are so many more important things to do. You do not feel comfortable with your family watching how you exercise. You just do not have the motivation to take your dumbbells, put on your running shoes (link to barefoot running) or start that Yoga video.

Learning to exercise at home is like learning to ride a bicycle. At first you feel out of balance and you do not know whether you can do it or not. But once you’ll learn it you will never forget how to do it.

It is important to have a goal and a support group when you first start to exercise on your own that is why From a Sedentary to Active Lifestyle in 1 Month can be the right program for you. I have learned to do it and you can too.

Myth #5. I do not like to exercise.

You just have not tried everything yet. While pounding the pavement or lifting weights might not be your thing you still have hundreds of other activities.

You can learn to love exercise as well as you can develop tastes for healthy food. Your body was made for being fit, attractive and healthy. You just have to go one step at a time instead of jumping head forward into a new exercise regime (read: going from couch potato to P90X in 1 day.) As soon as you start noticing results both physically and mentally you will develop a complete new attitude towards an active lifestyle.

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Keep it balanced!