10 Best Exercises to Relieve Stubborn Low Back Pain

Did you ever get up in the morning with stiffness or pain in your low back? Or maybe you woke up and found out that you can’t straighten up because of the acute pain in your back?

What does low back pain have to do with life balance? If you have ever experienced this type of pain then you know that there are very few things that will make you feel good or balanced when you are suffering from pain.

Yoga for Strong Arms

When you hear the combination of the words “balance” and “workout” you probably immediately think about Yoga (at least that’s what I think about). Today I would like to offer you a great Yoga workout for strong arms. I’ve been personally doing this routine for a few weeks now and it is great. I really […]

Pilates for a Strong Back — VIDEO

This is the first Pilates video that I’ve made. It is not perfect but everybody needs to start somewhere:-). I am planning to post at least 1 Pilates video every week. Depending on how much time you have and your goals you can practice just one workout at a time or combine a few of […]