Five Reasons To Keep Your Love Alive After Heartbreak

A week after moving 2000 miles across country to be with the supposed love of my life, he unceremoniously dumped me. I had no idea it was coming. I was devastated and there was no re-negotiation with him. Looking back, he did me a favor.

We weren’t suited even though back then I would have sworn black and blue to anyone willing to listen that he was my true love. But in reality our differences were too great and no matter how much love I would have thrown into him and the relationship he would never have been able to give me what I needed in return. It was too dysfunctional. So in that respect, even though it caused me enormous confusion and pain to work that out, I really should thank him for giving me my life back.

5 Immediate Benefits of Balancing TV out of Your Life

Simple: if you want to achieve anything in your life – throw out your TV set.
That alone can become the single most important positive change in your life.
We got married in 2005. My husband had already had cable plugged in, so we started our married life with Oprah, Dr Phil and news at the background. Saturday mornings were beginning with pancakes and Simpsons. Afternoons were filled with news around the world and normal channel browsing sometimes till midnight (we have all done that). We were very content and TV provided the perfect fix to take the edge off if one of us felt too stressed out at work.

7 Most Interesting Things You Didn’t Know about Me

Hi , my name is Anastasiya. What’s yours?
We all have one idea and goal too – to bring more balance into our lives.

Every time that you open an email from BalanceInMe you are hoping to find an article that will help you personally.

Every time that I write an article or publish a guest post I hope that it will help you improve your life balance.

The Zen of Letting Go off Hurt Feelings

I have grown up in a household that was abusive, ugly and caused me a lot of fatal problems that would not only shape the first 20 something years of my life, but would also rob me of important years of personal and career related growth.

I held on to those root causes of my lack of financial and personal success for a long time and blamed everything that was going wrong in my life on my brother, his actions and my parents and their lack of physical help. It was my go-to excuse, my crutch to use whenever I seemed to fail (again).

Finding Balance In Care-Giving

My life went completely out of balance on January 9, 2012. That was the day when my mother took a massive heart attack. And even though she survived, in many ways both her struggles and the struggles of the rest of the family were only just beginning.

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