Balance Your Life in Two Days

Getting to grips with your life can be daunting and hard task. Everybody faces challenges in life whether it’s to do with work, if they live with fibromyalgia or in day to day family life. The key is to find that balance. Life balance always seemed to me like one of these broad terms that […]

A Simple Guide to Frugal Organic Eating

About a year ago I decided to go organic. For a while I tried to buy almost everything organic; everything that had an organic label on it was a must-have for me. After a few trips to the grocery store I realized that 100% organic eating was draining my budget like crazy. If it had […]

The Myth of Personal Independence. Are You Falling for It?

Today my husband and I celebrate our two-year wedding anniversary and I want to devote this post to him. My husband Brian is my best friend and the strongest support that I have in life and I am very thankful to him for being here for me every day of the week, every minute of […]

10 Practical Productivity Tips for Parents

If you are a parent then you probably face a dilemma between spending time with your kids or getting things done. it’s definitely a difficult choice to make. It gets especially frustrating when you work from home or if you are a stay-at-home mom. I know what I am talking about because I am a […]

12 Simple Steps to Clear Your Mind and Get Inspired

In life there are some days when it is difficult to concentrate on anything productive. Being a mom of eighteen-months-old twins does not give me a lot of opportunities for concentration because I constantly get distracted by dirty diapers, feeding routines, screaming, cleaning, cooking and a thousand of other things. In those moments my brain […]

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