Balance Your Sacral Chakra

Your sacral chakra is located just bellow your belly button and is symbolized by the water element. If your sacral chakra is not balanced, you will find yourself become selfish. You will nearly always put yourself above others. Eventually, you will find that you’re not a very happy person. Others will start to avoid you […]

My Sister Has Schizophrenia (And How Meditation and Energy Healing Helps Her)

My sister was diagnosed with Schizophrenia about a decade ago. I’m sad because I know that no matter how much we help her, it will be very difficult for her to reach her full potential as a human being. You’ll see, my goal has always been to inspire people and help them reach their full […]

“Nadis” or Subtle Channels of Energy and Your Chakras

A tremendous amount of energy flows through your body in subtle channels called “Nadis”, which means “riverbed” in Sanskrit. A chakra is the location where 2 or more of these channels cross. There is an optimum speed for the chakras to be spinning at. If your chakra is spinning too fast or too slow, then […]

A Long Time Ago, I Read an Energy Healing Book…

A long time ago, a good friend gave me a book to read. The book changed my life. It allowed me to take control of my life, to make changes for the better. It provided the framework I would later use to do energy work and help others improve their lives. After I finished reading […]

Which of Your Chakras are Weak or Blocked?

By the time most people realize the existence and power of chakras, they realize that their chakras are out of balance or not aligned properly. There’s nothing to worry about, since chakras can be re-aligned and balanced easily. The big question is, how do you know which of your chakras are weak or blocked? It’s […]

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