3 Easy Steps Towards Passionate Living

What is holding you back from living your passion? About 7 years ago I was working in a web development company. The hours were good, the salary was decent and even my colleagues were fun (Who knew back then that one of my colleagues will end up being my loving husband and the father of […]

The Healthy Habit: Juicing One Sip at a Time

I confess: Juicing has never been on my list of things to do in life.

It takes too much time.

There is too much cleanup involved.

These two factors are enough to turn me away from anything.

However, about a year ago a blogging friend of mine Farnoosh Brock asked me to read her new book about Green Juicing. I was a little skeptical but it never hurts to learn something new, I thought. I’ve been doing green juicing on and off after that (more as a hobby than a serious nutritional approach.)

The 52-Week Life Passion Project – Giveaway

Can you live a happy life without life passion? You can, no doubt about that. However, a happy life without passion will always lack that very special “spark” that turns an ordinary day into an awesome experience of discovery, flow and inspiration. It takes some time though to find your passion and then bring it […]

How to Succeed with a Difficult Life Change

Everyone I’ve ever met or interacted with, everyone I’ve ever listened to or whose work I’ve ever read—in fact, every single human being from my experience — has, at one time or another, desired to change something about themselves. For some, the longed-for change may involve getting a better job, losing weight, improving memory, accelerating learning abilities, or increasing charisma. Indeed, there are very few individuals who find nothing they wish to improve.

3 Steps to Following Your Passion Fearlessly

You have this one beautiful life with a limited number of years. Why waste one minute of it accepting unhappiness, boredom, and lack of fulfillment — if you can do something about it. The investment you make in uncovering your passion and finding a way to live it will pay back thousand-fold over your lifetime. […]

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