Balance Your Children’s Lives With Meditation

People often ask me, “what is the right age to introduce my child to meditation?” and I always answer the same way, “whenever they are ready!”. I know this seems like I am avoiding answering the question, but the truth is that all children develop at their own pace, so there is no right or wrong […]

A Gift Every Mother Deserves

No, it’s not a coffee-maker. No, it’s not a bracelet charm. No, it’s not a trip to a spa (ok, I personally wouldn’t turn that one down.) But let’s take a break from guessing for a second and talk about Mom and everything that she does. (Not a Mom but looking for a present for […]

Sleep, Motherhood and One Step Which Can Transform It All

Over the years I’ve seen mothers drive themselves crazy trying to absorb and adopt the overwhelming amount of advice coming from midwives, doctors, grandparents, parenting websites, friends and other mothers.
As a new mum myself, trusting my instincts and watching and learning from my child have been the guiding principles which have served me best.
Equally important has been my willingness to drop my stories.

Have the Best (Balanced) Holiday Season Ever!

I love the holidays! We had snow early on the East Coast USA in October and ever since I’ve been excitedly waiting for the day that it would be appropriate to hang Christmas lights and decorations! But the holidays don’t do those of us working towards balance any favors, do they? We’re all offered these super sugary drinks, high calorie (super delicious) cookies, super late nights, rushing around to get perfect presents, spending money we don’t have and the stress of being with people we put up with once a year.

6 Life-Changing Lessons Learned in 6 Months of Raising 3 Babies

Six months ago, my life changed dramatically from that of a self-absorbed goal-seeking machine to a father of baby premature triplets, born at 27 weeks gestation. They were all very tiny, born at two pounds or under (less than a kilo) and we had a long, difficult ride to get to the stable point where […]

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