5 Steps To Becoming More Mindful

Cultivating more mindfulness into our lives is something we can all benefit from. It is something I consciously try to work on every day. If it was possible to be completely mindful in each and every moment, then it is unlikely that we would would be so affected by the strong pull of negative thoughts […]

Quieting the Mind

I have had many students approach me and ask “How can I silence my mind, because every time I try to meditate my mind keeps chatting away and distracting me!?” This is a great question and something many people are trying to achieve. But unfortunately except for small periods (moments even) of silence, or unless […]

Balancing Your Chakras

Growing up with ‘alternative’ parents meant that from a young age I had seen many depictions of the chakras, heard their names mentioned, and I even had a good idea as to what each chakra represented. But that was it, I just thought of them as pretty coloured intricate images, with interesting names and special […]

Balancing your doshas

Through ayurveda we are taught that our bodies are governed by the doshas, or three distinct energies that make up our constitutions. These consist of vata, pitta and kapha. These doshas are often influenced by our inherited characteristics, both physical and emotional, and determine not only our physiological makeup, but also our personality traits as […]

5 Tips To Help Balance Your Life With Gratitude

A few years ago, when I was traveling through Thailand, I stopped to help an old lady pick up a box of apples that had been knocked off her stall. She smiled at me and said “I am grateful of you”. I am not sure if it was her broken English, or if these were […]

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