10 Tips To Inspire Your Creativity

Creativity is something that we tap into and use in many different areas of our lives. For me creativity is not just about being artistic, or enjoying expressing myself through various forms of art, it’s also about embracing life and experiencing it to my fullest potential. Creativity is in the way you view the world, […]

The 5 Layers Of Self

What is it that makes us human? It might seem like a really basic question, with a simple answer, but I have asked many different people, from different fields of expertise, and all of which have given me slightly different perspectives and ideas. I have always found that we are multifaceted on many levels. There […]

5 breathing practices to balance your body and mind

Have you ever noticed that when you are experiencing heightened emotions, your breath is often dramatically affected? When I am feeling scared I usually notice that I take shorter, shallower breaths. When I get angry I have a tendency to take sporadic breaths and even unknowingly holding my breath for short periods. Noticing how you […]

5 Steps To Becoming More Mindful

Cultivating more mindfulness into our lives is something we can all benefit from. It is something I consciously try to work on every day. If it was possible to be completely mindful in each and every moment, then it is unlikely that we would would be so affected by the strong pull of negative thoughts […]

Quieting the Mind

I have had many students approach me and ask “How can I silence my mind, because every time I try to meditate my mind keeps chatting away and distracting me!?” This is a great question and something many people are trying to achieve. But unfortunately except for small periods (moments even) of silence, or unless […]

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