Balancing Out Your Sleeping Patterns

When your sleeping patterns are all over the place it can have a huge impact on your energy levels, mental clarity and also your emotional stability. I know that I feel much more emotionally vulnerable and sensitive when I haven’t gotten enough sleep, and that I feel much more grumpy and lethargic when I oversleep! […]

Balancing Your Chakras

Growing up with ‘alternative’ parents meant that from a young age I had seen many depictions of the chakras, heard their names mentioned, and I even had a good idea as to what each chakra represented. But that was it, I just thought of them as pretty coloured intricate images, with interesting names and special […]

Living a Minimalist Life

When you start researching the minimalist lifestyle, you are certain to run into many misconceptions, all coming down to “You’re not a good minimalist if you don’t live your life my way”. Some believe that being a minimalist means selling all of your possessions and traveling the world with nothing but a backpack, or with […]

Setting Daily Positive Intentions

Have you ever noticed how sometimes all it takes is one small thing to go wrong in your morning, and it seems to set the pattern for the rest of the day? Even something as inconsequential as spilling my coffee, or accidentally sleeping in an extra 20 minutes, has been enough to put me in […]

Finding a Balance Between Working And Being Active

As a yoga instructor and personal trainer who has made a career change into being a full time writer (so that I can travel with my husband), I found that transitioning from being active all day, to spending a large part of my day sitting in front of my computer screen, quite a difficult adjustment. […]

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