Manifesting Abundance

I believe it was Dave Liniger who said “The mind is a powerful tool that can work for you or against you” and I have always found that this has proven true for me. I have recognised times when excessive negative thinking has bred negativity and when positive thinking has helped manifest positive outcomes (maybe […]

3 Keys To Happiness

Happiness is all about perspective. If your mind is always set on thinking about what you haven’t got, or haven’t yet achieved, then you are going to find yourself living in a constant state of discontentment. Only when we are content with ourselves, our situation and our progress, can we really experience happiness. Having different […]

10 Tips To Inspire Your Creativity

Creativity is something that we tap into and use in many different areas of our lives. For me creativity is not just about being artistic, or enjoying expressing myself through various forms of art, it’s also about embracing life and experiencing it to my fullest potential. Creativity is in the way you view the world, […]

How To Reduce Your Stress Levels Naturally

Life is an amazing gift, but sometimes it can be incredibly stressful and challenging. When life seems to overwhelm us with obstacles and setbacks it can be very difficult to step back from the overwhelming pressure and haze that we are experiencing, to see the light that continues to shine through. Stress has many physical […]

Balancing Out Your Sleeping Patterns

When your sleeping patterns are all over the place it can have a huge impact on your energy levels, mental clarity and also your emotional stability. I know that I feel much more emotionally vulnerable and sensitive when I haven’t gotten enough sleep, and that I feel much more grumpy and lethargic when I oversleep! […]

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