Overcome Negative Thinking Patterns

Unfortunately negative thoughts are something we all experience at times. Whether they be small thoughts, such as “It’s lousy weather today”, or more damaging negative thoughts that are self deprecating or judgemental of others. Whatever the thoughts are, it is never a nice feeling when they arise. In fact they can leave a very negative […]

Balancing your doshas

Through ayurveda we are taught that our bodies are governed by the doshas, or three distinct energies that make up our constitutions. These consist of vata, pitta and kapha. These doshas are often influenced by our inherited characteristics, both physical and emotional, and determine not only our physiological makeup, but also our personality traits as […]

Balancing Emotions With Meditation

I was chatting with my 9 year old niece on skype the other day and she said to me “Why is it that Jeremy gets so angry so easily!?” (Jeremy is her brother and for any of you that have children, or nieces and nephews, you know that sibling rivalry is not uncommon). I asked […]

Finding Balance In Moderation

My mother always used to say to me, “A little bit of naughty food is good for the soul!”, as she reached out for her 3rd chocolate biscuit. I used to laugh thinking this was just her justification for having a sweet tooth, but over the years I have started to see just how much […]

How to Balance a Love of Food with a Desire to Be Healthy

Despite countless fraudulent Internet ads that claim the contrary, there is no magic pill to make us skinny. Even though we sometimes hate to admit it, it’s clear that the only road to healthy living is a two lane highway: exercise and healthy eating. Americans are famous for clocking hours at the gym to make […]

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