101 Healthy Habits that Anyone Can Follow

Developing healthy habits can be overwhelming if you do not know where to start. A lot of people fail at healthy living simply because they try too many things at the same time and they end up not sticking to anything. They get back to their double cheeseburgers and “exciting” evenings in front of the […]

5 Mistakes of All Exercise Newbies

5 Mistakes of All Exercise Newbies I boldly called this article 5 Mistakes of All Exercise Newbies though I will be writing about the mistakes that I made before I succeeded in creating an effective workout routine that I could stick with every day.

Avoiding My Nightmare: Easy Ways to Stay Slim and Trim

If you have a good imagination, please try to picture an image like this: a woman whose face you cannot see goes past you. Judging by the clothes that she is wearing and her figure

Eating For Energy

In this modern day, fast paced, busy lifestyles that most of us live, it can sometimes be hard to muster up the energy needed to tackle all the tasks of the day. Which is probably why so many of us are falling into the habit of drinking excessive amounts of coffee or energy drinks. When […]

How To Reduce Your Stress Levels Naturally

Life is an amazing gift, but sometimes it can be incredibly stressful and challenging. When life seems to overwhelm us with obstacles and setbacks it can be very difficult to step back from the overwhelming pressure and haze that we are experiencing, to see the light that continues to shine through. Stress has many physical […]

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