Balance Your Life in Two Days

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life balance in 2 days

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Getting to grips with your life can be daunting and hard task. Everybody faces challenges in life whether it’s to do with work, if they live with fibromyalgia or in day to day family life. The key is to find that balance.

Life balance always seemed to me like one of these broad terms that cannot be explained in two words and that definitely cannot be reached in two days. Even though I am practicing life balance every day I still cannot say that I have mastered it completely and still have a long way to go before I do. However, this weekend I discovered a wonderful way to bring my emotions under control, to find peace in my inner world, to straighten out my thoughts and clear my mind, to enjoy a wonderful quality time with my family and even to fight a few of my fears. My life balance doesn’t seem so complicated anymore and it took only two days for me to discover why.

This weekend my in-laws rented a log cabin in the mountains and invited us (my husband, me and our twins) to stay with them for a weekend. I must admit that I was very skeptical about this trip and I was not sure that it was a good idea (you see, my babies hate their car seats and a trip that is longer than 30 minutes usually turns into a disaster. It takes 3 hours to get to the mountains so you can understand my “enthusiasm”). I must confess that this trip was one the best ones I’ve had in a long time. This trip taught me a few lessons and opened my eyes to a few simple secrets of balanced living.

Enjoy Nature

The balance inside of you is closely connected with the balance around you. There is nothing more balanced than nature and no matter how hard humans try to create something terrific and magnificent they can never beat nature’s creations. Being surrounded by nature, admiring it and absorbing its beauty works wonders for everybody. The nature in the mountains was so magnificent that I could not stop marveling at it every second that I’ve spent there. All the problems that were troubling my mind seemed so silly and unimportant; all my concerns were so superficial and shallow. Nature is the biggest source of creativity and inspiration and spending at least a few hours admiring it every week is an essential part of life balance.

Country Charm

Country living is not for me and I do not think that I can live without a grocery store within a 10 minute drive, a big shopping mall around and a few dozens of restaurants that are at least a little bit higher class than McDonald’s and Wendy’s. However country living has its unique charm that helps you slow down and relax. To me this country charm consists of simple things like a small bluegrass festival, local barbecue parties, Dukes of Hazzard style driving (well we didn’t jump over anything) on country roads, and absolutely no hustle and bustle of the big city. Country living makes you more grounded, it helps you enjoy simple things that do not have high price tags on them.

Quietude and Solitude

How many noises do you usually hear in your house? The refrigerator is buzzing, the air conditioning unit is droning, your neighbor’s dog is barking, cars are constantly going past your windows, the garbage truck is beeping … All these noises are registered by your mind and they make it impossible for you to enjoy silence, to experience a complete vacuum of noises. It’s important to give your mind a break, to let it be still for a while. You can experience this silence and solitude on a lonely mountain trail, in a big field, on a deserted ocean beach.

New Adventure

Try something that you’ve always wanted to try or that you’ve always been afraid to try. When we are kids everything that we try is new and exciting. The older we get the less excitement we have in our lives, the fewer adventures we dare to try, the more boring we are. It’s important to try new things constantly, to experience new emotions and to enjoy life.

This weekend I tried horse-back riding for the first time. The minute I mounted that pretty horse (her name was Lucy) I felt something special inside of me. I was scared and excited at the same time and I could not stop smiling (I think I looked pretty silly though :-)) There was something very relaxing and real about horse-back riding through the woods, going through the creeks, enjoying the silence and the calmness of the world around me.

Experience media-free life

I was shocked to realize that I didn’t have any cell phone signal in the mountains (I can’t believe that there are still places where you cannot be reached). We didn’t have Internet in our log cabin and of course as usual we didn’t watch TV. I could do whatever I wanted to do without being interrupted by the outside world.

Play Games

How long has it been since you last played cards or any other family game? I remember when I was little I loved puzzles, monopoly, card games, crossword puzzles and many other games. It has been years since I last played any of them and this weekend my husband and I decided to play Rummy. We had so much fun and I felt like I was a child again. No concerns, no problems, just having fun.

Go Hiking

Hiking up a mountain is not just an exercise that is good for your body. It gives you the feeling of accomplishment once you’ve reached the pick of the mountain. It gives you the feeling of unity with the nature around you. It teaches you to feel your body and to be grateful for being healthy and being able to climb that mountain.

Run up a steep hill

My husband and I were walking around the area in the morning and we saw a very steep hill. We decided to have a small race just to see how far we could go. Not far, unfortunately :-) but we had so much fun. When we are kids competitions like this come to us naturally and we enjoy running, jumping, falling, and climbing without any particular reason. You do not have to exercise because you need to lose weight or because your doctor says that it will lower your risks of heart disease, diabetes or any other medical condition. You can be active just because it is fun and because you enjoy doing it. Learn from your kids or from the kids around you to be active without any particular reason. Have fun!

If you want to balance your life then you must learn to have fun in your life no matter what. We all need to earn our living, to be serious at one point or another, to solve difficult life questions and to be … adults. However, if we forget about having fun then our life gets completely out of balance.

It’s important to have short vacations from your daily routines, to change your lifestyle completely, to learn something new and to remember something that you’ve forgotten long ago. It’s important to keep a childlike nature inside of you and to let this child play and have fun every once in a while (the more often, the better). It’s important to be closer to the nature and to draw inspiration out of it. It’s important to live a balanced life and I am sure that anybody can get closer to being balanced just by slowing down a little and getting back to nature.

Keep it balanced!

Smart Thoughts (15)

  1. Kye says:

    Anastasiya, the thing on your list that immediately resonated with me was silence. I live in a big city. I would love some silence like I’d love a bite of chocolate or a cup of coffee. A deep dark ‘mmmmmm’ at the thought of it.

    Think I’ll have to do something about that. Thanks!

  2. Justin Dixon says:

    All great points.

    I’m on a constant look out for fun exercise that can be done with a friend or my partner. It really makes getting up and going to exercise much easier.

  3. Anastasiya says:

    I live in a big city too and I am always looking for silence in my world. It’s amazing how much it energizes you and how much clearer your thoughts become. Good luck finding your silent moments!
    I agree that exercising with your partner is the best way to work out. My husband and I like going to the gym together, running together (though it happens rather rare) and he even tried Pilates with me. We are hoping that one day we will have enough time to take Yoga classes together. It will be fun!

  4. Krishna says:

    Great to hear you successfully went through a “media fast”. So many people associate success and productivity with a flurry of activity. Someones silence and peace is just what you need to rebuild your body and mind… Cheers, Krishna

  5. Madeleine says:

    Anatasiya, This sounds like a wonderful two days. It reminds me a lot of going to Cape Cod when my children were younger. We enjoyed many of the things you talked about in this post: the natural environment with its ocean beach and bayside beach, the solitude, the chance to relax and play games, hiking and running, and all the rest. What a relaxing and restful break for all of you.

  6. Nina says:

    I really resonate with this post. I lived in London, England for 11 years. A huge, busy, exciting, stressful, noisy city. 5 years ago we moved to Sweden, found a place to live that is surrounded by forest (but still 15 min from the centre of the city) and my idea of paradise. My whole body relaxed as soon as we moved. It feels so wonderful to be surrounded by nature. Since we have lived here I have found I am so much more creative as well.

  7. Anastasiya says:

    Thank you for your response Nina and welcome to my blog. Living somewhere close to the nature is my dream now and I really wish I could have more retreats like the one I have described in the article. You are really lucky that you have found this perfect balance between nature and civilization.

  8. Thanks for the article, Anastasiya! I recently wrote a post on my personal development blog titled “Is it Possible to Have a Work-Life Balance?”, so it was great to then find your website and this post. I think balance in our life is so critical, and achieving it is a constant endeavor. It can be challenging sometimes, which is why it’s nice to have places like your website that can help you along the way. It’s good to have reminders to simply stop and breathe, and to enjoy the simple things!

  9. Norma Lantzsch says:

    Please send me ideas for a better balanced life.
    Norma’s husband

    • Anastasiya says:

      I will be glad to help and to share my experience with you. Just let me know what area of your life needs the most balance. You can contact me using a contact form. Or leave another comment on this blog. I will be willing to send you an email once I know how I can help you.

      • Jay Kaushal says:

        Hi Anastasiya

        It is such a wonderful article and if followed even to small extent will give you perfect balance in life.

        I have just shifted from a big and so called perfect city to a small town surrounded by mountains. I can feel more positive vibes in just 3 months. Earlier I too thought it is futile to live in small place where everything is not available just around you. But believe me I am living miles away from township and hardly felt any need to run to any store, restaurant etc and hardly need there service less than thrice a month.

        When I am free I take my scooter to a place far away in mountains, leave it near a small teashop, start walking towards mountains and return as a vibrant and happy person. Then have a cup of tea at that teashop which is no where compared to glamour of a city restaruant but much warm and rich in feelings when I talk my heart to the tea shop owner while sipping warm tea.

        When I hear about their small achievements in life I thank God for giving me so much and thank him for EVERYTHING. In big city I was hardly concerned about anything or anybody but now I am much more richer intellectually, emotionally and much more a warm person caring about everyone :)

        Thanks for such a beautiful site and please keep up the positive vibes :)

        • Anastasiya says:

          Hi Jay
          and thank you so much for sharing your experience.
          I have just moved to a smaller town too (it is a coastal town) and I enjoy living here. The people are nicer, the neighbors are wonderful, the nature is gorgeous and there is always so much to do. My family (my husband and my girls) enjoy living here as much as I do and I believe that this move has brought our family even closer together.
          If you can break away from the big city it is always a big step towards balanced living. After all, we all have to make our choices in life.

  10. Jennifer says:

    This was a great post. We live in the country and I forget how blessed we are that we *don’t* live 10 mins from a grocery store (or starbucks) or that we don’t always have the best internet or cell connections. I forget to stop and appreciate the peace and quiet that we have, that the kids in the area can (almost) safely pretend to be race car drivers, that my children will grow up with kids who know how to raise animals and grow their own food…even if we never choose to do that ourselves, though we might. someday. maybe.

    • Anastasiya says:

      Thanks for your comment, Jennifer! My husband and I are often debating on whether we should or not move to the country. I really wish we had a house sin the country where we could just escape for a couple of weeks. I have really discovered a passion for growing my own produce this year and am toying with the thought how great it would be to have a couple of acres of land. Of course, I understand that it would be a much bigger commitment too.
      Thanks for stopping by, Jennifer! Enjoy your country life with your family. It’s a true blessing :-)