Baby Screaming Part 2 – How to Calm a Crying Baby Down

Posted in Balanced Parenting | June 6, 2008 |

During the first several weeks with my babies I really had a very hard time dealing with them. It was so difficult for me to understand why they continued to cry even after they had been fed, changed and did not seem to have any tummy aches. To tell the truth even now that my girls are 2 months old it’s often difficult for me to understand what they want.

I have noticed that many times my babies just want some attention and the only way they can ask for it is to cry. I like spending time with my babies but I also need to do some things around the house as well as eat sometimes and take care of myself. It’s very difficult to concentrate on something when my children are screaming, but still sometimes I just have to let them scream. It might sound cruel to some parents (somebody might even reproach me for this), but this is my approach to raising kids. I have already written a post Baby Screaming Part 1 – Why Is It so Difficult to Stand It? so feel free to read it in order to find out some interesting facts about why that screaming baby can make you want to pull your hair out.

I don’t know about other families, but in our family I am a little bit more patient than my husband and I can put up with our screaming children without getting irritated for a much longer period of time than he can. I think that most women are naturally more patient than men so that is why you must treat your husband with kid gloves when it comes to handling a screaming baby. My husband sometimes gets really irritated when our girls start screaming and he cannot soothe them. As a result, sometimes I end up having to calm down all three of them (Maybe men really are big children after all.):-)

Now it’s time to get on with talking about my ways of calming down a screaming baby. Of course, the first thing I usually do is to make sure everything is okay with my child: she is not hungry, not thirsty, she has burped after the feeding and has a clean diaper, she is lying in a comfortable position and she is not too hot or too cold. If everything is okay and I know that my baby is not sick then I am pretty sure that my girl is just fussy and I have to entertain her somehow.

  1. My husband has discovered one magical trick about how to make my girls go to sleep after feeding time – he just turns them over on their stomachs. They just love this position! Of course we never let them sleep on their stomachs at night or when we are not around to check on them all the time. Also we started laying them on their stomachs only after they were two weeks old and they started to fall asleep in this position after they were one month old.

  2. Our girls simply adore their car seats. Sometimes we have meals together with our girls sitting in their car seats while we are able to chew are food peacefully. In case they start crying we can rock them a little bit and then they are okay again.

  3. Our babies love massages and exercise. Their most favorite exercise of all is what I call “running”. I take my girl’s feet in my hands and start moving them gently up and down (it looks like she is running when she lifts her knees to her stomach).

  4. Of course we also love flying in the air and jumping around.

  5. I think it’s funny, but my babies love a gentle pat on their bottoms.

  6. Occasionally I can calm my babies down by reciting some nursing rhymes to them or singing songs (even though my singing abilities are far from being considered even decent).

  7. I’d also like to say a few words about pacifiers and their effectiveness. I’ve read different opinions about them, but I personally didn’t even want to use them at first. I am still not a big fan of these deceptive things but sometimes there is no other way to get some peace and quiet besides using them.

    My girls don’t like them; they simply spit them out (smart babies). They can suck on them only when I am holding the pacifier in their mouths which is better than constant screaming but it’s still not the best choice for us. If you need some additional information about pacifiers in order to make your own decision about them then take some time to read this informative article I found: Pacifiers: Are they good for your baby?

  8. A colorful mobile is also a very good form of entertainment for a baby so we got one for our girls. Here are several examples of great mobiles from our point of view:Fisher-Price Lil’ Laugh & Learn Sweet MoonDreams Mobile, Tiger Mobile, Miracles & Milestones – Mix & Match Musical Mobile

  9. Our girls also like “white noise” such as the revving of a car engine (my husband is obsessed with downloading clips of muscle cars online), using the vacuum cleaner, hair dryer and so on. We also play various sounds of nature type music at night and they seem to like it.

  10. We decided to purchase a Chicco Lullaby Play Yard- Explorer for our girls and they seem to love it. They like to play with the small stuffed animals hanging above them and listen to the melodies. This playcenter also has a vibrating function that is supposed to calm them down but it seems pretty useless.

Unfortunately, sometimes none of these methods work and then we have to look for new ones. The process of calming a baby down is full of creativity and sometimes the silliest ideas can make your baby really happy. My husband and I are constantly looking for new ideas and very often we have a lot of fun playing with our girls and discovering new things that they love because there is nothing better than seeing your baby happy and smiling.