5 Mistakes of All Exercise Newbies

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5 Mistakes of All Exercise Newbies

I boldly called this article 5 Mistakes of All Exercise Newbies though I will be writing about the mistakes that I made before I succeeded in creating an effective workout routine that I could stick with every day.When I realized that I had to exercise in order to get back in shape I didn’t realize how difficult it would actually be to exercise every day. Though I knew a lot about exercises and about general mistakes that people make when they try to exercise regularly I managed to hit every bump on this road towards a fit life. If you are looking for the excuses not to exercise or ways to stop exercising, then here I can provide you with the whole list of them.

Mistake 1: I won’t have enough time for a complete workout that is why it is better even not to start my exercise routine. Five minutes won’t change anything.

Right Way: Five minutes will change something. If we are talking about 5 minutes a day, then we are looking at 35 minutes a week, and this is at least 200 calories burned that equals 1 oz of body fat. This might seem not much, but if you look at this number then you can understand that the more you exercise the more calories you will burn and the stronger you will be. Five minutes is a small step but still it is a step forward.

Mistake 2: My babies (husband, family, work) need me and that is why I cannot devote time to myself.

Right Way: I can say that this is one of the worst ideas that can come into your head. At first I felt selfish when I tried to exercise instead of spending time with my family, but soon I realized that my family needed a happy mother and wife who was satisfied with her life and her body and who could enjoy time with her family. I can also say that having a sexy body for your husband will only help you loose even more weight, if you know what I mean.

Mistake 3: I exercised yesterday, so I can miss my training today.

Right Way: That is exactly what I thought myself. After I exercised for one week I missed one workout because I didn’t feel well, I missed another one because I didn’t sleep well, then I had to take care of the babies, then I had to fix lunch, dinner … and the next time I thought about exercises I realized that it was two weeks since my last workout. It was a horrible mistake that I made once and didn’t let myself do it ever again.

Mistake 4: I can do my exercises in the evening when I have some free time and when I am done with all my daily chores.

Right Way: If you think this way then the time for your workout will never come. Maybe you are a big exception, but as far as I know no matter how much you do around the house there still is something else left and if there is nothing else left then you are so tired that you can’t even think not talking about working out. I committed myself to do my exercises in the morning when everybody is still asleep. This is my personal time that is as important as breakfast, lunch or supper for my body: my body needs workout as much as it needs food that is why I do not feel guilty when I use 30 minutes in the morning only for myself.

Mistake 5: I must do sit ups (push ups, plank pose etc.) every morning in order to reach my goal.

Right Way: Human body gets used to the same exercise routine and it gets bored with it. When I just started my morning exercises I decided to stick with yoga and so I thought that every day I must start with Sun Salutation. After a week of “saluting the Sun” I got so bored with this routine that I almost felt sick when I was thinking about it and of course it didn’t make me feel any good. Then I started mixing different exercises in my morning routine and I became much happier. I did what I wanted to do and not what I had to do. Any exercise that is done without realizing what you are doing is absolutely useless for your body and soul.

These are the mistakes that I made as a novice in at-home workouts and I hope you won’t trigger the same backflash. I finally found the most effective routine for myself and I wrote about it in Easy Ways to Fight the Flab: Simple Routines to Stay Lean and Mean

Keep your life balanced!

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  1. Krishna says:

    You got me here, Anastasiya. I can identify with each of these excuses and I have used all of them :-).

    Thankfully, I have got back on the horse once again and have started cycling. Looking forward to making this into a (healthy) habit…